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How to Get That Gorgeous Asian Girl Laughing Every TimeNOW get your FREE 70-min video with funny things you can say next time you meet the Asian girl of your dreams.
A quick note: if you want the absolute top advice about how to meet or date, or do Korean women, nobody is better than Dan Bloom. I’m always really amazed by how far the misunderstanding can go when it comes to the topic of meeting and sexing-up Korean women while visiting South Korea. Of course, at least a few foreign guys are hooking up with Korean women, judging by all the foreign guys who have their arms wrapped around Korean girls… even if those Korean women seem to be low-grade. Korea is a decent place to find an Asian girlfriend, but not an easy place when it comes to sexual conquest.
Having casual sex with Korean women, just randomly hooking up with them, is a little more difficult.
While the above are by far the easiest ways regular guys can meet and date Korean women, there are much better options if you know what you’re doing.
By far, the best way to meet high quality Korean women is to apply some social suave and talk to attractive girls you meet out in public. I find it funny that a lot of guys say that trying to meet Korean women during the daytime is a waste of time. I’ve gotten pretty much all of my dates by meeting women out in public during the daytime. Meeting women during the nighttime can be difficult or easy, depending on where you’re doing it, though.
But Miss Korea won’t be spending time at these little hole-in-the-wall clubs, either.
As far as districts in Seoul go, Gangnam has the hottest clubs around – these are places movie stars visit, places exceptionally beautiful Korean women spend time trying to catch the biggest fish in their pond.
Of course, there is much, much more to it than that but, once armed with some basic weapons, focus on your preferred geographic niche. I’d say that while western style game work here, and can work well, it only works on a very slim number of girls, far less than you would have a chance with if you adopted a style of game that fit the culture much better.
A lot of guys seem to have it stuck in their head that meeting Korean women and having sex with them is easy – like breathing. While a lot of Korean women are in to foreign guys, the truth is that far more Korean women are just not interested in having a relationship with a foreign guy. If you really want a girlfriend, then screening for open-minded, or internationally-minded, girls is a definite must. There are a large number of cultural exchange groups that aim to explore each other’s language and culture.

As with anything in life, generally, the easier something is to get the less valuable that thing is. Of course, talking to random women out in public can wash massive waves of anxiety over a guy – but you can overcome this, and if you have a decent understanding of how you should go about talking to attractive women you see in public then the rewards can be very very good. While nighttime might have more options in terms of finding venues packed with women who are interested in foreigners, many hot women just don’t visit those venues, so can only really be approached during the daytime. If you want to meet Miss South Korea, then you can be sure that she’s not going to be going to any international parties or hanging out in expat bars, but those places are still great places to snag some decent foreigner-crazed Korean women. These are the places that Expats flock to, places jammed with guys wearing basketball jerseys, complaining about their teaching jobs in between games of beer-pong.
Style communicates a tremendous amount about a guy, and you’ll find that women will be much more attracted to you in Korea if you dress well. Identify those perfect traits that you would want in your ideal women, and be ready to ask a woman questions to find out if she conforms to your standard or not.
Hongdae is great for the young college crowd, girls who party on the street, in public parks, or in cheap bars. Of course, there is a substantial amount of detail that has been left out of this series, and for good reason. It’s always interesting to me that the basic rules of sexual attraction and value are the same everywhere, in all cultures and at all times, with only slight changes from place to place. That being said, there are huge differences between Asia and the West when it comes to the tactics you should be using to approach, spark attraction, and maintain a relationship here. Other guys seem to be far more cynical about Korean women, and consider the possibility of meeting a high value Korean girl a write-off, not something that can be obtained in this lifetime. A few are just curious, and want to see what foreign guys are like, while some want to experience the savage love-making of a foreigner, and then slip out of his house before he wakes up the next morning. Western women (or any other women in Asia for that matter) are far more permissive, and can even push to take you back home. International parties attract a good mix of foreign guys and Korean women who want to meet member’s of the opposite sex, and opposite culture.
While the above are likely the easiest ways to date Korean women, the women on offer in those situations aren’t always the highest quality. Sometimes you also notice single Korean ladies sitting up at the bar, maybe with a friend or two, wanting to get talked to. You can bet that if foreigners consider some little club a good hangout spot then Koreans know it as a place foreigners like to spend time at on the weekends… and foreigner-hungry ladies will know it as a spot they can bat their eyes at foreign guys. If you want to meet the best looking Korean women possible, you’ll have to be selective when it comes to choosing a night venue.

With movie stars and singers, business tycoons, and Korean gangsters running around these places, most guys visiting Korea look …lacking by comparison (hey, I still like you!). Itaewon has by far the highest concentration of foreign-guy-loving-girls, but you’ll be competing with American soldiers and a large chunk of the foreigner population for those girls. Some cultures are more restricted, others less, but the fundamental patterns of male sexual value are always the same–confidence, social dominance, risk-taking, etc. Also, as you move from culture to culture, different qualities are weighted differently, so things like risk taking become a lot less valuable, and maybe even a net negative, while things like keeness become much more valuable.
If you chose to comment on anything we write then we only ask that you stick to basic rules of civility.
I have never heard of a Korean woman who was this sexually aggressive, but casual hookups with Korean women are possible if you visit the right places and put in a significant amount of effort. To get your hands (lips?) on some of the best Korean women available, you really should be focusing your effort on more advanced options, and building the necessary skills to navigate through them. I’ve seen hundreds of amazing looking girls sitting alone, bored out of their mind, at coffee shops in Seoul.
Even though their ranks are smaller than the anti-foreigner crowd, there are still legions of Korean women interested in dating foreign men if they get a chance. A lot of the time Korean women who want to meet foreign guys will slip into one of these bars and wait to be approached by some guy who knows how to skillfully talk to a lady.
Gangnam has the best looking girls in Korea, and there is a coffee shop on ever corner, but the dance clubs here are a whole other world.
Establishing a relationship with Korean women, for all but Asian Dating Monthly readers, usually takes meeting them in the right social settings, multiples dates, putting up with an extreme lack of sex initially, and having to maintain her fickle happiness in the relationship for a while before things progress sexually. A warm reception gives you a great opportunity to wow her… with a silky-smooth conversation. Most guys just try to undress these women with their eyes when they should be charming them, spending time with them then actually undressing them later that night. Dan is a guy we know extremely well, and one of the most respected dating coaches in Korea. Not exactly ideal, but the situation is substantially different if you know how to successfully meet and date Asian women. If you have any idea what you’re doing when you talk to women, these girls can have a huge payoff.

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