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Despite this, numerous gossip sites have demonstrated in countless, provably false stories that they have no intention of ever letting the ghost of Jelena go.
The next day (Sunday, May 16), the pair hiked at Runyon Canyon where they took selfies and Pierce filmed Snapchat clips. Later, the couple were snapped enjoying shaved ice treats during a stroll in a Beverly Hills park, then hung out poolside at the nearby Montage Hotel.
In classic Hollywood Life fashion, the blog builds a premise for its alleged Jelena drama by claiming Gomez was under the impression Bieber wanted to get back together. Of late, the more discerning among Gomez and Bieber’s fans appear to be aware who the fiction writers are in the rumormill. As least Arrianas comment isnt as nasty as Selenas saying that Justin is like her brother and she would never date him.
That Because she likes Mariah Carey voice so she does wanna sound like her I read all the facts about her before I say something that is really stupid.And I like Arianashe have a beautiful voice I like how she sings.
I agree with you 100% I feel that Selena hurt Justin and he doesn’t need to be used and hurt by people. OMB i would date him in a heartbeat i love him so much that i still shake whn im watching his one less lonley girl video or anything with him in it but we have to keep in mind slena also said pretty much the exact same thing and look what happened hey ended up going out.

Xenia Deli says she’s not dating Justin Bieber, he encouraged her to connect with God!
We are just friends]Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber This is what Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will probable say tomorrow. She has a very good voice I just don’t like the similarities of her acting like she is better than Beiber. But w know justin is the most amazing person in the world and if ariana dosent want him i know over 25 million who do and who he is thre life love you more than anyone justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does such nice things for people and he deserves someone to care about him and not use him.
I cant believe Ariana said she would never date Justin who would never date Justin.Hes just too adorable, sweet and and cute. For months, both Gomez and Zedd gave the distinct public impression that they were a couple. Over the weekend, the 21-year-old was spotted shopping and dining with model and make-up artist YouTuber Jayde Pierce, in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

On Monday, the Biebs and Pierce recorded a playful Snapchat posted by the 19-year-old model, then at a Los Angeles recording studio hours later. But when SOME of YOU JACK-ASS people say you wouldn’t ever date someone, it’s fine?
Yesterday he flew from NYC to Canada just to be by his dad’s side because his dad had a surgery. The only reason she said she wouldn’t date him IS BECAUSE SHE’S ALREADY DATING SOMEONE!!!! After two weeks ago they denied having a relationship, the pair was seen again in Miami over the weekend.

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