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The fabric and feel of theses pants is great, but they are a little wider at the ankles than I'd like for yoga pants.
If you hover your mouse over or click on the sizes the corresponding numeric size will be displayed. I know it’s the weekend, and we should just deal with gossip and family and such, but I couldn’t help myself: I saw these tights while browsing the news and had to ask… So: Nike X – Ray $90 tights (for women) really show your legs!
Instead, Nike declares (in the product launch press release) that the said workout tights (already sold out), destined for women, represent a groundbreaking product meant to highlight the strength of a woman!

On the outside, she might be the girl next door, but on the inside, her body has survived grueling workouts, often pushing through pain, broken bones, pulled muscles and harsh tears.
I bought them to wear to yoga and have been wearing them during my regular out and about activities as well. Sometimes, finding the motivation to exercise can be as easy as buying some new gear, and what's easier than choosing clouds or pink tie-dye? Soybu's Allegro leggings are made of the softest, stretchy fiber blend out there, complete with UPF 50+ sun protection and no-chafe seams.

These leggings are easy to throw in the washer and either hang to dry and put in the dryer -- doesn't make a difference.

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