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Unfortunately we were not able to send you a Newsletter activation eMail.Please verify your eMail address. Shadow Puppet Theatre Materials Shoe Box, Cereal Box or other Large Cardboard Box of a similar shape. Exacto knife A Large Rectangle of Parchment Paper, Waxed Paper, Tracing Paper or Plain White Paper [corresponding in size to the length and width of your box] Duct tape Large Flash LightMethod [Also See Graphics Below] If you are using a shoebox, discard the lid and skip to the * 1] Remove the entire length and width of the backside of your box with an exacto knife. 2] If necessary, use duct tape to make sure that the interior flaps of the box are not loose or flapping down. Be sure that this rectangle is slightly smaller than the size of your paper and about an inch from the outside edges of the box itself.

5] Cut paper to size larger than the opening in the box and secure to front of box with a few bits of tape. 7] If desired, at the base of the theatre you’ve created, cut a long rectangular opening as in the seventh picture below. On white card stock, print black silhouettes of those images OR print silhouettes onto plain paper and cut them out against black card stock. Carefully cut out the figures with scissors Attach dowels to the backsides of the cut-outs with tape or glue.Wondering how to use the Shadow Puppet Theatre? You can also create a silhouette from a photograph by following last year’s tutorial.

Improvise Christmas Scenes as some of Your Favourite Fictional CharactersFamily Advent Calendar, Day 13: Watch Topper & His Girl Friday and Make Thin Crust Pizza!

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