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September 21, 2015 By GuyanaTimes The role of GRDB was to ensure markets were found for the Government to supply other countries with rice, Minister Holder said. Many farmers in general and the Rice Action Committee in particular have demanded that the GRDB use the $500 million it receives annually from rice exports to secure new markets.
Agriculture Minister Noel Holder, in a telephone interview with Guyana Times last week, however, stated that the role of GRDB was to ensure markets were found for the Government to supply other countries with rice. He explained that the entity which falls under the Agriculture Ministry was to facilitate this by engaging importers from different parts of the world in what he deemed “a government-to-government approach”. This newspaper was told that the Rice Board had to ensure that whatever agreement was contracted between the importers from different countries and Guyana was honoured by “selling what is agreed to be sold”. Minister Holder further emphasised that in this regard, quality control was of vital importance to securing and maintaining markets whether they be new ones or markets that have already existed. He also stated that although much attention was being placed on the PetroCaribe deal and the loss of the Venezuelan market, it must be realised Guyana supplied rice to a number of other countries. It was divulged that in 2009 when Venezuela first began the “rice for oil” exchange, the Spanish-speaking country used to contract almost 70 per cent of the rice which Guyana exported, because at that time Guyana was shipping a smaller overall total. Holder clarified that the GRDB was never mandated to aid local farmers in obtaining international markets for their rice, although many would believe otherwise.
This newspaper also understands that while rice farmers are being plagued with a number of difficulties due to the low paddy prices, they are expectant that GRDB would relieve their burden by offering its assistance, financial or by aiding in securing higher paying markets. Meanwhile, in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), where harvesting has already begun for the “big crop”, reports are that some Essequibo rice farmers are complaining about the type of seed paddy being sold by the GRDB in their region. The argument is that if these farmers are given ‘bad seed paddy’, then their produce would not be of high quality, and as a result the prices they would be offered per bag of paddy would be extremely low. However, when Guyana Times contacted the GRDB in Essequibo on Sunday concerning the issue, a representative from the agency stated that he has not heard of any such claims concerning bad seed paddy from rice farmers.
The father of a London teen who travelled to Guyana on October 14 last, and has since gone missing, is desperate to find his son.

At the press conference, Bernard, the terribly distraught father of the missing teen, told journalists: “I am holding this press conference because my wife and I need your help in locating Dominic. Dominic is 6 feet tall, medium build, with black hair, longer on top than on the sides and he was wearing blue jeans, white sweatshirt with black jacket that had leather in the middle and the arms were fabric.
Updating journalists on action taken so far Bernard said: “I initially reached out to the Surrey Police in London who began investigation in the UK. Meanwhile, a group of compassionate mothers, on learning of the Bernards’ predicament, and who are eager to be of help, were also loud in praise for the efforts of the Guyana Police Force in mounting a search for the missing teen. They recalled that Dominic arrived in Guyana on October 14 last and was scheduled to depart the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on November 5, 2016. Commenting on the co-operation given by the local police, the source said: “They have been incredibly helpful, I can’t tell you how amazing they were.
And while the Bernard family members are working in conjunction with the British police, the case has now been raised to a high profile case in the UK sources said. At this time, both the UK Police and Guyana Police Guyana are working together to find him.
May 19, 2011 by admin Far from South America’s trodden tourist trail is an undiscovered gem. A visit to Guyana’s interior requires planning, but travellers find a luxuriant landscape teeming with life. Eco-lodges deep in the interior allow visitors to walk trails and absorb the visual richness and captivating sounds of the jungle. ONE man is now in police custody as the lawmen seek answers regarding the discovery of a quantity of marijuana, one 12-gauge shotgun and two cartridges.According to a police press release, the ranks who made the discovery were acting on information received. The police had travelled to the backdam at Huis t’Dieren, Essequibo Coast where they search a camp and found the items.
A man, found at the camp, was told of the offence and placed under arrest before being escorted to the police station.

An amnesty programme geared at getting illegal guns off the street was unveiled on September 1 last year. These calls have intensified after the cancellation of the Venezuelan market for 200,000 tonnes annually. If the rice being supplied as per contract is not up to standard as agreed, then we could lose the contract. Yesterday he held a Press Conference at the Cara Lodge to make an appeal for anyone knowing the whereabouts of his son, 18-year-old Dominic Bernard,Desperate to find his son, Andrew Bernard is appealing to anyone who might have any information to come forward and report to him or the nearest police station. Over the weekend I contacted the Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum who made himself instantly accessible and immediately assigned a team to investigate my son’s disappearance. A report was made to the Missing People’s Unit in London and they contacted the British High Commission,” the source said.
Guyana is home to some of the world’s most pristine rainforests: almost 80 per cent of the country is covered by tropical jungle. Boat rides along rivers reveal monkeys, giant river otters, parrots, toucans, capybara and black caiman. Police sources said that no account was given at the camp or a licence produced for the weapon and cartridges.
Falling 226 metres, these remote falls are reached either by charter flight to a small nearby airstrip, or overland on a rigorous five-day odyssey. More than 850 species of birds fill the forest with colour and the haunting melodies, screeches and hoots of the tropics.

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