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This Breast Cancer Survivor and ‘Lemonade’ Star is Living the Most Inspiring Life!
We’re only two weeks into 2016 and a celebrity is already calling it quits with their marriage. According to TMZ, Arnold put her soon-to-be ex hubby on blast for family and friends to see in a group text message saying, “It’s over between Rico and I. She is also said to be concerned about STDs and along with plans to divorce, she also plans to get tested. Brittney is the Associate Editor of Jawbreaker and a writer who has goals to disrupt culture in ways unseen. A TMZ source claims that Arnold found out about her husband’s cheating ways through the tape.
After sending out the text, she made it clear that she was filing for divorce, understandably leaving him with the embarrassment of having to explain his poor and thoughtless actions to his closest family and friends. Arnold also added that she is worried about possibly having an STD because her husband slept with more than one other person. The two stars were featured on the show Overhaulin', where Amber got pranked by the 52-year-old actor. In the video taken, Amber flipped off the "cops" who acted too star-struck to do their jobs right. When it was revealed she's in Overhaulin', the actress was all too relieved to know her car's not stolen despite the prank pulled on her. As expected from auto design legend, Chip Foose, his team of mechanics and designers did a full restoration on the Mustang, as well as modifying its engine into that of modern racing cars. The A-list couple is among the final guests of the American automotive reality TV show Overhaulin'.
As special fanservice, host Chris Jacobs and famous custom car designer Chip Foose will work with huge guests, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, among others.
In any case, all ends well and it looks like this episode is slamming divorce issues hovering on Depp and Heard's marriage.
A pregnant Ghanaian woman recently committed suicide after finding her husband having sex with her own mother, who had also fallen pregnant by the cheating man, it has been claimed.
The unknown woman allegedly returned home early from a shopping trip to find her husband and her mother having sex in the married couple’s bed.

Although she survived the first leap, she was heartbroken after finding out her mom was also pregnant by her cheating husband. There remains some confusion over exactly where the woman’s alleged suicide took place, however with most reports claiming a local police report confirmed it happened in Ghana.
The case has sparked intense debate on social media in West Africa after some commentators criticized the woman for committing suicide, while others said she must be viewed as the victim. The tragic story comes just months after a Zimbabwean woman named Tsitsi Zhou-Usiku discovered her mother having sex with her business-man husband in the village of Madhau, reported Dailymail. Erina Zhou, 40, and son-in-law, Tsiku Usiku, 51, later appeared in court charged with adultery.
A North Carolina wife, 42-year-old Crystal Leah Gambino, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder after allegedly shooting her husband and a couple that she found engaged in a threesome. The Daily Mail reports that 42-year-old Crystal Gambino has been arrested and charged with three counts of first-degree murder after her husband and another couple were found dead with gunshot wounds.
According to WNCN, Gaston County Police Captain Curtis Rosselle notes that all three victims, including Gambino’s husband, were found naked upon arrival, which correlates with the story Gambino told her family member suggesting the trio were engaged in a threesome when she arrived back to the home and shot them all. Rosselle notes that the Gaston County Police are still trying to uncover how Gambino met the couple and will be examining phone and computer records to reveal how the husband met the pair.
It was also noted that the Gambinos had a history of dysfunction, with Crystal once filing a restraining order against her husband before filing for divorce.
A woman has been charged after allegedly beating her husband for 30 minutes when she found his se x toy as they moved home.
Chao Gao, 48, was charged with battery after police were called to their home in Saratoga, Florida, US,the UK Mirror reports. She was said to have found the se x aid while packing up their belongings to move home and became angry when she learned it hadn’t been bought for her.
May 16 -- Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg shares what she learned from her husband Dave Goldberg's death in excerpts from a graduation speech at the University of California at Berkeley on Saturday. Latest Sports Slideshows Photos View 2016 NBA Eastern Conference Finals - Cleveland Cavaliers vs.
John’s University, has been sleeping with tons of women and the mass text she sent out included video.
After the beloved actress caught him having an affair, she chose to do the unthinkable by group texting his alleged $ex tape to all of his family and friends, according to TMZ.

The actress looked really pissed as she desperately wanted her car back and Depp even fuels her anger as he poses when they asked for a picture. Amber has owned the car for 13 years and has since been taking care of it as it reminded her for her love for horses.
Sadly, this is the last season for the series that has left unforgettable moments and car designs that made auto owners' dreams come true. Another fan service Velocity is giving to viewers is a special episode, "Say It Ain't OVERHAULIN,'" featuring 20 favorite episodes of fans since the franchise started in 2004. The angry wife found her husband, 40-year-old Giovanni James Gambino, in bed with a strange couple and retaliated by shooting all three victims in the bedroom where she found them. The other couple, 39-year-old Geoffrey and 33-year-old Stephanie Lynn Sanchez, were allegedly engaging in a sexual act with Gambino’s husband when the woman returned home and opened fire on the threesome. The caller claimed that Crystal had called another family member and confessed to killing her husband after finding him in bed with a strange couple. The murder appeared to have taken place in the bedroom of the home and the female was moved, likely in the wheelbarrow, as Crystal allegedly told her family member in the phone call.
Crystal also requested custody and support for the couple’s one child, but the case was later dismissed. Toronto Raptors Jonathan Toews is selling his East Lincoln Park single-family home for $3,899,000.
Financial issues were also evident for the couple as Crystal had reportedly filed bankruptcy twice and violence was reported in Crystal’s past.
Tichina Arnold nothing but the best during this time and hope that she continues on with her success as a great actress. A neighbor of the woman says that Crystal once pointed a gun at her during a dispute, but instead of filing charges, the neighbor decided to just stay away from the unstable neighbor because she didn’t think that Crystal would actually shoot her.

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