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Fathers must be very confused about the time their babies are born, as they are to support the mother, make the needed arrangements, and on top of it, get adjusted to the whole new situation. But this is something that needs to get done – when all the overwhelming things pass, many women remember the gift their partners gave them when they gave birth to their children. For example the Duke of Cambridge, second on line to the British throne, bought his wife and their newborn son a gift which is both symbolic, cure and expensive – or rather valuable in time. The bear has a name – Charles Stephens, the Harrods 2013 annual bear (in opening picture).
There are also sets which allows parents to imprint the newborn’s hand and foot prints in a sort of clay and turn it into a wall decoration – think Hollywood walk of Fame hand imprints.

Newspapers from the day of the birth are also an idea, hey need to be kept for the child to read years later. William bought his wife Kate and their baby boy a famous bear from a famous London store, Harrod’s.
It is a cute toy indeed, and a good reminder of the year of birth.  The bear only costs 35 British pounds, and we have to give it to the duke – the choice was fine, not expensive, yet very valuable in time. It has been named after the architect who rebuilt Harrods following its destruction in a fire in 1883. He could have bought her anything really, but at least publicly this was the gift of choice.

Some men buy wine bottled during that year and open the bottle on the child’s 21 birthday or something along this line.

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