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The Common Camera Project is a social art project founded by Kevin Huynh that is distributing hundreds of disposable cameras in a take-a-pic-and-pass-it-on campaign in search of inspiration. I admit the idea of a take-a-pic-and-pass-it-on campaign with disposable cameras was by no means novel, a fad at wedding receptions and parties for many years.
Hence in May 2010, I ordered 40 disposable cams on a whim, attached that basic set of instructions, and distributed them among some friends as a test batch.
The idea would develop, and I now lead a small, amazing, generous, lovely team of people that help put together a month-long fundraiser on the creative project fundraising site Kickstarter. Cameras were mailed off to almost 30 states as well as internationally to countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Canada, France, Greece, and Vietnam. Thousands of members are creating their profiles here and connecting with other artists, employers & the general public.

Our main goal has always been to develop functional and creative solutions that go far beyond the expectations of our clients. Whether you’re interested in one of our products, or have an idea of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Teamgage is an online tool that unobtrusively collects anonymous feedback from employees and turns that data into real-time actionable reports. UniOne takes the hassle out of managing student organisations and activities, improves services to students and provides you with tools to better engage your student body.
UniOne provides access to a host of automatically generated and easy-to-read reports to help you run your organisation more effectively and efficiently. Common Cam has introduced 300+ disposable cams that are now in circulation around the world.

Yet about a year and a half ago I came up with the idea of applying this playful model to a global audience and sprinkling in a little structure. Immediately, I began to hear some amazing stories as cameras found their way to the East Coast, West Coast, California beaches, Rocky Mountains, Vietnam, India, family member mailboxes, and teacher dropboxes. It was a simple, compelling thought that just seemed to stick, and I found myself revisiting it for many months.

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