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The Free Website Budget Template for Excel is organized in a way that makes it easier for users to see each aspect of the website-building process, including the benefits of having a website.
The Free Website Budget Template for Excel also contains easy calculation features where data is instantly calculated for analysis and evaluation.
The free template also has Evaluation Metrics that would show the Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Payback Period (in years).
A website can range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars and the costs can easily hike up if you want a professional web design or marketing campaign for every aspect of your website and your brand, among other things.

With the template, you can estimate annual hardware, software, and development costs for building and maintaining your company’s site, among others. The template lets you see the Net Benefits in terms of figures, against Tax, Depreciation and other things. This way, you can view all the budget data and weigh your options, whether you should stick with your budget plan or make further adjustments. With the Website Budget Template, you can also ensure that your expenses are well-allotted to the important aspects of the website so no resources are put to waste.

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