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Download Sendblaster now and you will find 130 email templates inside the software, all free! The Email newsletter software is a software that manages a mailing list and sends mass newsletter emailings. A complete newsletter software suite is, in fact, an email marketing software: it integrates the mailing list subscription modules within a website to gather new recipients automatically. Email Hosting, Hosted Email for Businesses Zoho Mail - Experience the charm of Webmail that provides a combination of clean, ad-free, minimalist interface and power features geared for business and professional use.
Free Webmail and Email by GMX - With GMX you can send large attachments, read and send emails on your mobile device, take advantage of unlimited storage and much more.
Free Email with Privacy - Finally, a private email account with no ads, first class technical support and unlimited email aliases. The fastest growing e-mail in the Philippines - is easyto remember and has 1 GB of free webspace. Sendblaster offers over 130 free email templates to help you customize your email newsletter.
An email newsletter software is used to communicate with customers and friends by creating and sending personalized bulk e-mails to the contacts held in a mailing list database.
Each mass email can include an unsubscribe link, to let users cancel their newsletter subscription. You no longer need to be an AOL member to take advantage of great AOL Mail features such as industry-leading spam. Unlimited mail storage, protection from viruses and spam, access from web interface, email clients, cell phones. Users can choose a domain that fits their lifestyle, profession, location, or personality, and through this personalization, their email address will become an expression of who they are, or where they are from.
Mail2World provides an extensive set of useful and provocative features, designed to elevate service - and its members' user experience - far above expectations for standard Web-based email.

Motors, business, ecommerce, marketing, are just some of the free email templates categories that are included in Sendblaster.
Fast, simple to use email with 1TB of free mail storage that comes with all the goodness of Yahoo.
Use your email address to access your messages, files, and other Microsoft apps on any device.
Unlimited storage, 25 MB of photo and video attachments, advanced spam filters, virus protection - all as part of your Inbox. It gives parents control over kids email account while providing a fun and safe email service.
Google-owned, web-based email service provides details of storage, options and links to related services. You’re welcome to evaluate Hushmail for as long as you need to, but you must sign in at least once every three weeks. Kids get their own free email accounts and addresses for safe email communication with friends and family. New customizable tabs put you back in control so that you can see what's new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when. Stay connected with one-tap access to your inbox, multiple Yahoo account support, and instant email alerts. This means total respect for user privacy as your messages are not scanned for keywords to feed you ads. Inside intuitive email app kids will have fun with an amazing drawing board with postcards, stamps, pen, brushes and other instruments to draw attachments. Lots of free storage With 15GB of free storage across Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos, you won't need to delete emails to save space. Right from your Inbox - get direct access to the latest headlines and productivity tools to make life simpler.

Personalize your inbox with vibrant themes and organize your mail the way that makes sense to you.
If you have multiple email accounts, it is important to manage them well and to have universal access to all of them.
Kids love fun avatar customization options in their contact list where they can draw or edit avatars. Quickly access the tools you use everyday like your Calendar, Notepad, Contacts, Instant Messages, and Search. This includes familiar items like folders and labels, flags, automatic filters, as well as one-of-a-kind capabilities, like the thread nesting style conversation view. With an optimized Webmail interface for PDA devices and WAP enabled mobile phones, you can check your email from anywhere where you can get internet access or a cell phone signal.
With simplified email accounts for younger kids and standard email accounts for older children Tocomail is intuitive and safe email for kids of all ages.
Wherever you are you have the great possibility to access and manage all your emails from different accounts in one place. SSL encryption keeps your mail secure as it travels between your computer’s web browser and Yahoo’s servers. This means no matter where you are, whether you’re at home or browsing your mail in a coffee shop, your mail information is kept safe.

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