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Bad Luck Govind is the story of an obsessive, compulsive, down-on-his-luck, young man Govind (VJ Gaurav Kapur), who has some kind of a mind-blowing disconnect with the higher powers of the universe. Beena (Saara Khan) is married to Amritlal Chopra (Rajesh Khanna), a man more than double her age.
After engaging in a first-ever live sports event broadcasting deal with IPL India this is the second first of Youtube venturing into completely new grounds with Indian content.
The great thing is you can also embed these movies in your blogs and website as any other Youtube Video.

Another surprising thing to note is that like every other Youtube video you can download these movies to your computer using Youtube Video downloader's like popular Firefox addon Easy Youtube Video Downloader as demoed below.
Watching hindi movies online was not an easy task before some days ago but after that I must say that our trouble has disappeared and takes a less chances on it with less efforts.
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Naturally, Jumbo is curious about his father, and he's told that his father is a war elephant for the king.

Unfortunately for Beena, she cannot have a child because Amritlal is asthmatic and, therefore, cannot perform in bed.
Beena's frustration drives her to their driver, Raj, to whom she runs every now and then to be sexually satisfied.

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