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The High Priestess comes to tell us that we can access and explore this part of the mind if we are prepared to and that there are good reasons to do so.
The thing is, before we get to the unified whole that is the ideal result of this inner journey we must pass through such trials as the Tower, the Devil and the Moon. Those who do step through the veil and explore their own inner existence begin to understand their motivations, why they are how they are, why they feel how they do.
Once I was studying and meditating on the High Priestess and I came across some information about the symbology that is on the veil. At the risk of flirting with old fashioned, sexist ideas, it reminds me of the archetype of the man on a mission backed up and driven on by a powerful wife.
I would suggest that by choosing material patterned in this way, the High Priestess is handing to us some major advice to help us to make this journey through the murky, often confusing and certainly quite emotional realms of the unconscious.
If you came to the High Priestess looking for a sign that you are on the right path, the pomegranates and the palms are telling you to approach your challenge with clarity of mind and purpose backed up by determined effort.
If you came to High Priestess looking for healing or personal growth you may be receiving a message that it is time to “look under the hood” as such (via meditation, therapy, healing modalities, etc.) and explore how your unconscious mind is affecting your happiness, health and success in your day-to-day life.
I’m not a believer in any supernatural qualities of tarot*, but the psychology and symbolism is fascinating! Based on the transcendental game of Zen, the Osho Zen Tarot has 79 cards, with four suits of fire, clouds, water, and rainbows. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glow Trail Camera is a part of the high quality and dependable Trail Cameras from Stealth Cam.
You can also leave a review in the comment box below, if you have experiences with this particular product. She sits in front of a veil that separates us from this vast sea of thought, memory and feelings related to our past. She also serves as a kind of gatekeeper, not there so much to stop us from entering into the unconscious realm but to gently warn us as to the gravity of the undertaking. By this it is meant you must face your demons and explore the pain body that you carry around with you, sorting through its contents and finding methods to release the pain that you carry with you until it is healed. They may go through life with no clue as to their urges to self-medicate, their inability to be happy with their lot or why they live re-actively, finding fault with others everywhere and acting out from a place of fear.

But this does not make healing easy, and in all probability the psycho-spiritual wounds they seek to heal will feel worse before they get better. Decorating her veil is nothing less than a very major and important “secret” to your successful journey to healing and indeed to any major achievement in life: the pomegranates and palms.
Without the woman’s clarity of mind and determination of purpose, the man would not have the ability to stay the course long enough to see a result. She is saying to you “Look, if you decide to go past this point, you cannot just turn around and go back when the going gets rough. In order to heal, explore how you can access and work on the issues you will find there, but do not expect the journey to be easy or quick.
According to tradition these were the names of the black and white pillars at the entrance to Solomon’s temple in ancient Israel.
I am deep into it, especially since turning my back on regular self-medication & junk food. Any product with a “FREE Shipping” contributes towards the $35 order minimum for free shipping. Some psychologists say each of us have in our life an ocean of the mind that we do not ordinarily feel aware of even though its influence is strong in our daily lives.
For once we begin down the road to self-discovery, once we push aside the veil and explore these previously hidden aspects of ourselves, there is no turning back. They are like a man who does not feel any pain until he looks down and notices that he has been seriously wounded and is suddenly engulfed in agony. The pomegranates represent a determined will to see an idea through (a feminine energy trait – see also the Empress tarot card) and the palms represent the action needed in the real world to make it happen (a male energy trait). I also love to meditate, play music, keep fit n’ healthy, read (a lot) and have fun with peeps, not least my little family. Breakthrough, New Vision, Transformation, Integration, Conditioning, Thunderbolt, This deck comes as a boxed set with The Osho-Zen Tarot (176 pages). Trail Cameras from Stealth Cam are well known for their quality and Stealth Cam G42 No-Glow Trail Camera upholds that standard.
You can see this ocean illustrated in the card, just behind the High Priestess’ veil.

You cannot undo self-awareness; rather you must then persevere until you come out the other side as a self-empowered and whole person, healed and self-actualized (as represented by The World card). I am not saying that ignorance is bliss necessarily, I don’t think people with low self-awareness are very happy, but neither are most people who do have a strong measure of self-awareness and I think this is because their healing journey is incomplete, possibly stalled.
I think most men, me included, would get a lot less done without the strength and clarity of purpose of a feisty female partner. So go in with a clear purpose and then support this mission with the wherewithal to follow through until you are done, no matter how rough the seas get as you journey through to healing and wholeness”.
For some reason they have never stood out to me but if it does to you then you should research more.
Secure Card Payment is always offered, when buying through Amazon: Accepted credit cards include Visa, Diners Club, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB.
Of course there are always going to be plenty of exceptions to this rule (he hastily added, before moving on). Also now available is a cd to acompany the Osho Zen Tarot deck, Osho Zen Tarot - Music for Tarot. Use these tarot cards to understand the here and now through this Transcendental Game of Zen. Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Osho Zen Tarot on the App Store. Thunderbolt 17-Silence 18-Past Lives 19-Innocene 20-Beyond Illusion 21-Completion 22-The Master. An introduction to the life and times of Osho, his philosophy and the creation of the Osho Zen Tarot.
Major Arcana (22+1 cards only) Card for Today (1 card) Relationship (4 cards) General Five Cards Spread (5 cards) All Cards (78+1 cards) If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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