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The richest 20 percent claim 46 percent of American income in 1962, and almost 60 percent of income in 2010. After widening in the 1970s, the inequality of net worth (the red line is the gini coefficient measure of inequality) was pretty flat through 2007, but spike sharply between 2007 and 2010.
Construction is one of the few remaining US industries that provide pathways to middle class careers. Every Tuesday the Construction Academy posts a graphic, chart or other resource to demystify the construction industry. Last week several sources released reports about the increase in housing market numbers. Housing is one of the first signs that the construction market overall is coming back, and with that the expectation is that commercial, industrial and other sectors will also grow.
According to the US Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, October 2012 saw 894,000 construction starts.
See Huffington Post Live Interview with Uyen Le, Partnerships Director of the California Construction Academy. McGraw Hill just released a study showing that green building is accelerating globally despite the economic downturn.
Overwhelmingly, firms report that their top reasons to do green work are client demand (35 percent) and market demand (33 percent)—two key business drivers of strategic planning. The next top reasons were also oriented toward the corporate bottom line—lower operating costs (30 percent) and branding advantage (30 percent). There’s definitely much more to do to ensure that all people have access to high quality jobs. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates that this can create nearly 40,000 jobs throughout the state. This year was the first election in over 20 years that neither of the presidential candidates mentioned climate change in the debate. This new report from Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) gives some numbers and great charts about current trends in energy efficiency.
With elections just three weeks away, it’s important to know– how many people are employed in your district? Every Tuesday the Construction Academy posts a graphic, chart or other resource to demystify some aspect of construction. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy just posted its updated energy efficiency scorecard. According to their research, states continue to move strongly in 2012 to advance energy efficiency initiatives regardless of which political party is in control of state legislatures and governors’ offices. The scorecard shows that the top 10 energy efficiency states are Massachusetts (in its second year atop the rankings), California, New York, Oregon, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, Maryland, and Minnesota.

The 10 states most in need of improvement (starting with last) are Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alaska, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Nebraska.
This graphic comes from a Gulf News, which is based Abu Dhabi, but the information applicable to many construction sites. Apprenticeships are rigorous training programs that combine in-class and on-the-job training for workers in a specific trade. Working at height can be dangerous – but it doesn’t have to be providing that you follow simple guidelines laid out in the latest Health and Safety Review that there are safer working at height solutions.
But it goes further than this in the fact that a ladder is not considered suitable if the activity is going to take longer than 30 minutes or if you are required to transport something heavier than 10kgs up or down the ladder. Sometimes within the workplace there is a need for a man-up cage to be placed onto a forklift truck.
When working upon a boom lift it has been highly recommended that the personnel wear full body harnesses. This will become known when a risk assessment is carried out; any issues will be flagged up at this stage. Ability Handling Ltd are offering a free, no obligation site survey and demonstration for all those who are currently using access equipment or for those who think that you maybe should be. Rather than contractors increasing these projects because of personal motivations, market demand for green work is on the rise.
It may sometimes be easy to take these workplace rights for granted, but they are the result of years of work by community and labor leaders. This proposition closes a California tax loophole that gave a break to corporations that have their operations in multiple states.
So what is happening in California’s clean energy and energy efficiency economy anyway? The chart above shows manufacturing and installation jobs leading the seven growth sectors of California’s clean and efficient economy. The California Department of Public Health also provides fact sheets and resources for common construction accidents. Apprenticeships help train new workers, retrain current workers, and allow the industry to adapt to emerging technologies. Did you know though that on a daily basis people are actually breaking the law due to the fact that if you are required to carry out a activity which will result in you having to remove both hands from the ladder then you should use something like an access platform. However, a non-integrated cage should not be used in conjunction with a forklift unless it is non planned and an absolute emergency.

Although within the guidelines it does state that with use of a vertical lift or scissor lift it is not normally necessary to wear a harness sometimes this is misunderstood!
Every employer should ensure that all persons who use work equipment have received adequate training. We could ease your mind and reduce bills as well as solving any current health and safety issues.
It contains workers from all walks of life and can can exploit workers in dangerous and temporary dead-end jobs, or it can provide high quality, lifelong career opportunities. In doing so, it raises $1 billion a year, half of which will go to renovate buildings and make them save more energy. Thanks to our partners at the UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health (LOSH) program for the resources. Rather than receiving training to just replace lightbulbs, a worker can become an electrician and have . The term 'emergency' does not include having to place a non-integrated cage onto a forklift truck in order to carry out a routine stock take or stock picking. There are situations and exceptions where it may become apparent that the personnel in operation of the scissor lift or vertical lift needs to wear a harness.
It is law now for many employers to carry out workplace risk assessments and to act upon any issues raised within these.
During this time period, the richest have become richer and the poorest have become poorer. The Reinvestment Fund just released its MyDistrict Data tool, which allows you to instantly view workforce and employment data in your congressional district. If health and safety obligations are not met then employers could be legally prosecuted, especially if an accident occurs. To make sure the next downcycle does not look like the last, it’s important to learn from the mistakes of the past economic downturn and build the industry back stronger.

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