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There are many websites out there on the web which let us send free unlimited SMS to India. Note: Numbers registered with Do Not Disturb RegistryA (DND) may not receive SMS sent via any of the above sites.
The major drawback of these service is that the identity of the sender can not be verified which is a big loophole.
It seems far more better than the other similar websites who have word limit of 140 characters. About The Author+Namit Gupta is a web enthusiast and blogger who loves all things technology.
You might have used many services available on the Internet which offer free SMS to Indian mobile numbers. 1) Bollywoodmotion:- The good thing about this website is you can send long sms upto 500 characters for free without sign up. 2) SpiceSMS :- Similar service which requires no registration, no form filling just write your number and message.
If you know any other website which offers free sms without registration, then please share with us in the comment section below.Enjoy your Day!!!Comments are always Welcome!!! There is another site, through which we can send unlimited sms in india, without registration. All the sites are demanding for registration, only the 2nd one has allowed me to send 1 sms without registration. Normal length of a single sms is 160 characters, but indyrocks allows only 130 characters in a sms. I selected Indyrocks, fullonsms and ultoo as good websites for sending free sms based on instant delivery or fast delivery.
This site offers you the opportunity to send unrestricted international SMS free of charge.

This website is distinct from the other websites because of the following features:  It enables you sending of long character SMS with a maximum of 440 characters.
The site was quite popular at some point in India owing to its advanced features that enable you schedule sending of message. The site enables you send SMS message to all mobile numbers in India regardless of whether is GSM or CDMA. Note: Numbers registered with Do Not Disturb Registry (DND) may not receive SMS sent via any of the above sites. Thus it is a compromise with the security standards since this service can be easily misused by some anti-social elements.
I wish to use this service to send msgs of character mor than 500 plz guide me how to send msgs usin ur dis service..
Because the presence of internet based messengers like Whatsapp, Kik, etc are replacing the use of sms.
Indyrocks is not only a website to send free sms but also which allows to search and add friends, watch videos, etc.
That is, they do not add any advertisement text or any other text even regarding their site on our sms. If you send more than 160 characters from your mobile phone, then that consider as two sms. I am using a dial up connection, if you are using a broadband or 3G connection, then this is not a problem. You may find many other qualities other than instant delivery even sending sms without registration. Moreover, it incorporates SMS collection based on various events and topic and be able to send the message to anybody in India.
Currently, several departments such as education institutes and financial institution among others utilize it.

Please tell more about where I send about 500 English Bulk SMS per day or more without any cost in India only. So I am going to tell you about some free sms sites by which you can send free SMS in India without registration. The reply is yes especially with increased number of youth taking pleasure in conversing with buddies daily. You are able to send SMS with a maximum limit of 300 characters; as well, SlideSMS allows you send image SMS for free. Apart from this, you are able to have free email alerts into your mobile inbox; as well, you can chat with Yahoo and Gtalk friends through Way2SMS simultaneously. The cool part of this site is that it incorporates online list containing the latest music that you may stream live as you send messages. You are able to send unrestricted SMS at no cost; moreover, there are no adverts in the SMS and there is no limit to the characters.
The site offers a limit of 160 characters to normal SMS as well as 140 characters in personal SMS.
As well, you may send SMS through MSN messenger in addition, delivery of SimCity is reliable.
Therefore, today we present top 10 sites for sending free messages online in India as well as other regions on earth. The most impressive part is the 500 characters limit, which no other online SMS sender provides and that too with unlimited SMS.

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