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If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big.
There are so many angles that you have to cover and every one takes precious time that you don’t have.There are some great web building resources aimed at freelancers and more aimed at small businesses. They make the task of building a web presence possible even for the smallest business.The importance of having an online presence for your business cannot be stressed enough.
The Internet has levelled the playing field, putting you on a stage together with your bigger competitors. A recent IBM study revealed that more people are using their phones to browse shopping sites.
They disclosed that around a quarter of their respondents browsed shopping sites on their phones, but the actual online sales from phone shopping is 7.5 per cent. And this is enough reason why you should be online as well.And thus, we have seen an influx of web designers, Webmasters and marketers who are out there to help businesses have their own Web sites.
You can work with professionals to come up with a Web site that gives you all the bells and whistles: a checkout system, a catalogue, great looking graphics, interactive elements, and all that jazz.However, what if you only need a simple Web site for your business and do not really plan on having all of these frills?
Or what if your budget prevents you from contracting professionals?A few years ago, even the simplest of Web sites needed a substantial investment in both time and money. Anything from Web hosting to site design to graphics, maintenance and everything in between meant money going out. Thankfully, technology has made it easier for businesses to have their own online presence.There are now tools that allow you to have your own online presence without having to spend too much on anything.

All you have to do is create a free account, publish pages and blog posts, and voila, you have an online presence.
If you want to customize or spruce up your Web site’s looks, you can just choose a template that would take care of the layout, and then just tweak the stylesheets. It could not get easier than that.Of course, the downside is that you would need to pay in order to customize your domain. You can get a mobile-ready, responsive and adaptive Web site without needing to know how to code.
Everything is drop and drag, allowing you to add pictures, maps, videos, text and other content without writing a single line of HTML. What’s more, you can just connect your newly created site to your domain and publish it.
A bonus: All Web pages created by IMCreator are SEO-friendly, making it very easy to find on search engines. In addition, IM Free has hundreds of copyright free photos as well as other resources you can use on your site. You may not know this, but you can’t just use photos you find on the web, chances are they are copyright protected.3. The photos are all public domain, so you can legally use them on websites, posters and business leaflets. You cannot buy exclusive rights to a photo, so others may use your favorite pictures in their websites.4.

Social Media MonitoringCyfe allows you to monitor all your social media accounts from one screen. This makes social media do-able rather than the impossible task that is overwhelming to many small businesses. You just keep one browser tab open with your Cyfe dashboard running rather than five separate LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook tabs. It includes a word processor called Textmaker, spreadsheet software called Planmaker and presentation software, Softmaker Presentations. There are no annual fees, no per-user fees and you have the software on each computer so there will never be cloud issues.
Your customers would think that you have a team of skilled Web designers, content producers and expensive Web hosting running the show.
These tools are proof that cheap and free does not instantly equate to tacky and low quality.And the beauty of it all is that you can get your savings and use it for other more important activities for your business.What Do You Think?Are there any other free tools that have been omitted?

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