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Start Your Own Recharge,Travels,Money Transfer Business in 5 Minute with your Own Brand(White Label) At lowest setup cost. You can change the payroll administrator, payroll contact or primary principal on your QuickBooks Assisted Payroll account by completing and faxing a form to Intuit. What's The Difference Between A Payroll Administrator, Primary Principal, And Payroll Contact?
The Payroll Administrator is the company's main contact person for day-to-day payroll issues and activities. Click on the link below for the contact type you would like to change to obtain the correct form and instructions.
Only one payroll administrator is allowed per account, therefore you will need to delete the existing administrator in order to add the new one. If no W-2 was issued, or the Social Security number for one employee was the same as for another, contact Assisted Payroll Support to begin the amendment process. In QuickBooks 2015, click the Termination tab and remove the termination information (when necessary). Follow up with your state and local tax agencies to make the legal address change to your payroll tax accounts.
Completion Time: Our goal is to process and complete your request in our system within five business days of receiving Form 8822b. Update QuickBooks: The first time you send payroll after the change is processed, the legal address in your QuickBooks will update.
Assisted Payroll-You enter your payroll information in QuickBooks and transmit the data to Intuit to pay and file your taxes.To cancel your Assisted Payroll Service, click here to be directed to the Online Cancellation Form. You have an active Intuit Assisted Payroll subscription and Intuit files and pays your Payroll Taxes.
If you will continue to process payroll with your FEIN after you cancel our service, Intuit Payroll Service should not continue to file your tax returns to the agencies as this will create tax notices for your company. Yes, you will need to notify state agencies that you will no longer be processing payroll for your EIN or Account Number. Why doesn't Intuit Payroll Services apply closure to state withholding and unemployment account numbers?

Most agencies require that you, not your payroll provider or accountant, apply closure to those accounts. We are not authorized to represent you on payroll tax notices or correspondence for services provided outside your contract period with Intuit and we will not be responsible for future correspondence that may be sent to us in error. All of the Payroll Tax Returns that Intuit Payroll Services has filed for your company should be available in the Cancelled Client Payroll Tax Center.
You will continue to access copies of your payroll tax returns online through the Cancelled Client Payroll Tax Center until June of the year following the date of cancellation.
If you requested W-2s on your Request to Cancel Service, copies will be available in the Payroll Tax Center on January 10th. You will continue to have access to this information through the Payroll Tax Center until June of the next calendar year after cancellation of service. Follow the steps below to change the bank account from which QuickBooks Assisted Payroll deducts paychecks, direct deposits (including direct deposit transactions for vendors), taxes, and fees. Gather the information you'll need to enter your new account, including the name and routing number of the financial institution, the account number, and the account type (Checking or Savings).
Set up the new bank account in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts (you must log in as Admin and be in Single-user mode), if it is not yet there. Seventeen Mobile Operator, Six DTH Operator and Six DATA CARD Operator is associated with us!
Note: If your change request also includes a name change, follow these instructions to complete the change. Don't use Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) in place of Social Security Numbers.
Changes that become effective the next pay period:State Worked, State Lived, and Other Taxes. To close a state withholding or unemployment account, most agencies require a letter written on your company letterhead and signed by an officer of your company. Part of the requirement is usually a letter written on your company letterhead by an officer of your company EXCEPTION: California allows Intuit to close your EDD Account. This means that Intuit has limited powers to act on behalf of your company related to payroll tax matters; however, Intuit may not have power of attorney to apply closure to state tax accounts.

If you receive agency correspondence related to a payroll tax that we prepared and filed for you, please fax it to us immediately at 866-293-1994. On the form 8822b, look for the section titled Where To File for the IRS Center address that applies to you. Annual Federal and State Returns will only be processed and filed if the W2s are also being prepared.
EXCEPTIONS: Intuit Payroll Service marks IRS forms 940 and 941 and state of California returns as final and applies closure on your behalf if you mark Do you want Intuit to close the payroll portion of your FEIN with the IRS? Your employees will receive printed copies of their W-2s, even if you are a Self-Print customer, as it is our policy to provide every customer who cancels service with paper copies of these documents.
If you cannot access your Account Maintenance pages or would rather download and fax in the form, follow the steps below. Fax the completed form to the number located on the form or email the form(s) to Account Maintenance.There is no limit to the number of contacts you can have on your account. Retroactive changes for earlier payrolls during the current year to State Worked, State Lived, and Other Taxes. You will receive confirmation of cancellation and other important information within 3 business days of our receipt of the Request to Cancel form. Note: You will be billed for the printed copies at the time of cancellation and your employees will receive the printed copies by January 26th. Intuit will file all of the quarters in the current year and mark the 4th Qtr and Annual Tax filings as final. You can only access the Payroll Tax Center for cancelled clients until June of the following year from the date you cancel service. If your access to the site has expired, you must request paper copies of your returns by completing this form: Tax Copy Request Form.

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