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At Chabin Concepts we often serve as the intermediary between website developers focused on programming and clients who can’t quite picture how their information will flow on a website. Showing “Related Info.” Sometimes, the same content applies to more than one menu item, and the website incorporates “related info” links to connect these separated pages. Testing Menus: Where would you look for “Demographics?” What about “Transportation?” Collapsing the site map helps us test the structure of the site. Notes: By describing content in notes, we discover we don’t need a page—or we need more pages—to adequately cover a topic.
Now that the MindManager Player can be exported to Acrobat 9 or Flash, we can even send clients a working, interactive site map to evaluate prior to web development. After hiding the Search branch (I guess that’s an element of the home page or all pages) in your map, I could export via the Static or Dynamic Outline template to create a draft web site in MindManager for Windows. Up until now, MindManager has been the most effective tool that I’ve used to deconstruct a site audi or to develop a new site through JAD mind-mapping sessions and taxonomy and nomenclature exercises.
As a web designer, you can never have enough free PSD website templates in your freebies collection!
To make things a lot easier for you, we compiled this list with 20 free PSD website templates.
Hexal is a single page portfolio template that came out as a by product of various design experimentations with hexagons. This is a creative portfolio website template in PSD format. This free PSD website template has lots of cool features for all your awesome content.
This is a great free PSD website template. It can especially be useful for event listings and directory pages.

This cool free PSD website template features some very vibrant colors and large photography! This is a classic and clean PSD website design to start giving away your awesome graphical resources! While content management systems make it easier for the average person to rearrange web pages on the fly, it saves time and money to plan ahead. To help clients visualize recommended features, we insert  hyperlinks to existing web pages and attach screen shots. Chabin Concepts is a consulting firm serving economic development clients, but these tips are equally suitable for creating site maps for any website.
Some web developers use this to give their clients another level of understanding of the design before developing their web sites in other applications. Not only do I use MindManager because it is extremely fast and efficient, not only do I use it to help display concepts through design schematics, I use it because it is the most boundless and robust tool out there in terms of not only constructing site and app designs and process flows- but because it allows groups to think freely and openly as they converge collaboratively on the diagram in focus.
We’re always on the “hunt” for new freebies to get some more design inspiration from other fellow designers. All of these amazing free PSD website templates have pixel-perfect designs and follow the latest design trends! It’s a modern modular gift shop e-commerce website PSD design, with a great and dynamic layout. It’s a bit quirky both in color and copy! Starnight PSD has some warm and fuzzy pastel colors and some great flat device mockups to help showcase your awesome app designs.
This unique layout has some a great flat feel and uses some minimal coloring to make sure your photos look their best!

It is very well organized and has a simple fullscreen layout you can modify as you please to fit your needs. It comes with 3 psd files for the various layout versions for the template. You can purchase the HTML version of this email template. MindManager is the tool we use to create site maps at the beginning of a web design project. I would love to import a google sitemap into mindmanager and use the resulting mindmap as the starting point for analysis . This free PSD website template comes with a bunch of different layouts on the home page to house all your awesome content.
It is no wrong to say that a face is the index of mind and for sure what we see in one’s outward appearance; he is the same inward too. Likewise we see in the cyber world websites and blogs having numerous backgrounds and textures which either make them or break their outlook.
Some of them can be used in photo manipulation for these patterns are destined to be of high resolution. Give a considerable & worth-seeing look to your blog and website with this accumulation. The magnetic pull of your website would certainly cast a spell on the beholder and he would keep coming back to your website over and over again.

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