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Another online platform that let you make  free Android App and  monetize them.In 2 easy steps you can create web content into  free Android App.
This is an innovative platform for bloggers as it lets  you convert your blogging site  into iPhone and Android app for free. You can list all your family members in a tree structure, add pictures, comments, notes, and much more. It comes with some simple to use features and is based on the idea that everyone must be aware about their ancestors.
You can make a  customized design  adding your own logos, splash screen , color scheme and so on . All you need to do is  choose a design from template provider , then add your customized  content and submit  it .

You can invite your family members and collectively build a family tree, wherein all the names can be added in order. The screen is divided into two parts; one part is for adding the information, and another part is where the family tree is built up. If your submitted app is accepted then you can download  your application at Play Store and share it with friends.
I would sound very silly if I start listing uses of such a website as it is more of an emotional thing. Family always holds a special place in our lives and what more do you need if you can find one common platform to share everything. These details can be changed any time you want and you can also import this family tree once it is complete.

The interface of the website is really simple and can be improved to keep up with its contemporaries.
These websites provide you and your family a personal space where you can list all your members, and have fun.
There is also one family booklet where you can add notes about each and every family member in the tree.

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