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The answers are included, but it’s more fun if you only refer to them as a last resort.
Cindy Donaldson, BS Mathematics, taught Math, Business, and Computer Science at Menlo-Atherton High School for seven years. LicenseOriginal content on this blog is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Using medium size drink cups punch two holes in the sides at the base, thread a string through the two holes and tie the cups, around the shoe, to the top of each persona€™s foot, so that they are setting upright, both feet. Than each person puts one leg into the bag, one left, one right, and secure the bag so that it stays up around both legs.
They can only keep the balloons there by holding their knees together with just enough pressure, but not too much, so that it doesna€™t pop their balloon.Fill the Water JugThis is a fun outdoor game for a hot day. Well, that is actually Baseball, but kick-ball is played the same way as baseball is except ita€™s played with the feet. Every month has a new quiz, often based around word plays, presented by a little monkey called Gozaru.
Quiz is then graded and ready to print with number correct, incorrect, date, and time it took to complete.

So you will need to pace off the distances for all of the bases and the pitchera€™s mound, and then the game is played just like Baseball. The first player on each team starts and has to keep their balloon in the air by hitting it with their hands, in the direction of the goal, without holding them. The quizzes are easy enough for most Japanese children to solve, but usually rather hard for me. The best part about this activity is that you'll be challenging your child to think geometrically while still having fun!
The race is to a point where they will lift their foot to pour the popcorn into the container, than back to start the next person. Modify the rules to match the playera€™s abilities and ages and have a fun game of kick-ball and a piece of apple pie afterwards.
Once they get to the finish successfully, they run back to their line and hand off the balloon to their next player.
The object is for the kids to dip their small paper cups into a pail of water to fill them, and then run to the finish line area where they will pour what is left in their cup, into that empty milk jug. A windy day makes this game very difficult.Water Balloon CatchThis is a favorite for hot summer days.

Or, you could set a certain time limit and the winner is the one that is the fullest.Back-to-Back RaceThis race puts a little pressure on the one that is walking backwards. This game starts with partners facing each other in two lines that are across from one another. With each successful throw and catch, have the two lines back up one step, and throw again. Each time the ping pong ball drops, they must start over.Balancing RaceAll you need for this slow race is some ping pong balls and some paper plates.
Line the teams up with enough spacing between the kids that a player can weave in and out between them.
Start the two players at the end of their line of players, holding a paper plate with a ping pong ball on it. When you say Go, they have to weave between their team members to the other end and then hand the plate to the next person to weave their way back.

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