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In the current generation Sony has pushed gaming towards the mainstream 'non gamer' with peripherals and games such as Eye Toy and SingStar. So before we get into the main review of Buzz: The Music Quiz let's discuss the new controllers which you get when you buy the game. Buzz: The Music Quiz plays like any TV game show and as the title suggest the emphasis on this title is music.
When you first boot the game you’re basically taken from the viewpoint of a contestant and asked a series of questions from a girl working on the show.
The single player game was where I first headed (being that no one else was home when I received the game). While we understand this is a quiz title we have to admit we're a little disappointed with the graphics in this game.
Being a music based quiz there was considerable disappointment to hear that these songs are not the original tracks but rather instrumental versions. Be aware that you'll be quizzed on subjects concerning things like the writer of 'The Doubt of Future Foes,' people the poem refers to, and why the poem was supposedly written. Both have millions of fans the world over and the ability to play games without an unwieldy controller has brought many people to the system. As you can see in the image below (and no, its not wireless, they plug into the USB port on the PS2) the controllers contains four coloured buttons on the front which are used to select from the four possible answers to the questions.
The game includes over 1,000 music clips – all international chart-toppers from the 1950s through to 2005 – and over 5,000 questions to test your knowledge. The more players you have the better this game gets and with 4-players it's an absolute blast.
Well we were a little disappointed in the need to go and see the scores after every single question. Most of the time you'll be looking at a screen with questions appearing on it and that's about it.

Sadly the execution and presentation isn't as slick as we'd like and it's plain to see that there are several places where this game could have been improved even further. Using short music samples, and not even the real ones at that, is extremely disappointing while the graphics and presentation could have been better. As a monarch, the author of The Doubt of Future Foes faced those foes amongst what group of people? Now Sony are taking a shot at the quiz game genre, and once again are bring a 'so simple even Homer Simpson can figure it out' styled peripheral out with it. As well as this the control has a large red button on the top which is used as a normal quick answer or confirmation button. While we did start to hear the same music clip occasionally with over 5,000 questions we still haven't encountered the same question twice after dozens of games - at least we certainly can't recall doing so. As well as being selecting the single player or multi-player game you can select a likeness, and appearance for your character as well as entering your name and the length of the game you wish to play.
Not only is there a very brief pause to load the animations or speech for buzz, but there's no way to skip it which means you'll almost spend more time looking at the contestants then answering the questions. Buzz is animated well but you'll only see him when looking at the scores and there's not really much in the way visual flare. Sure we understand the massive licensing hurdles that would have had to have been overcome to include 1000+ songs in a game such as this and what Sony have done is probably their only realistic option, but it still remains a disappointment. With more games to come hopefully, and as has been happening with Sony's Singstar, improvements can be made with each new version. Oh yar, don't even think about using your Dual Shock 2 controllers, they won't work with this game. The quicker you answer the questions correctly the more time you'll get for the second round. The highlights include a simple "Point Builder" which is a nice simple round to start off with which lets you build up some points.

Secondly the game doesn't use the original music tracks with lyrics, and most of the audio samples run for no more then a few seconds. Also disappointing, and I guess this comes down to licensing, is that there is no video clips to answer questions to, nor any photographs.
Worth adding to your PS2 library if you're a music nut, or have plenty of parties at your place. So, from the makers who brought you the original Guess The Emoji, you can now put you Emoji and movie guessing skills to the test!
As well as naming songs and artists you may have to know what movie the song appeared in, or in what decade the song was released, or who the artist is married or related to.
Buzz, who is voiced by Australia's own Jason Donovan, is fairly amusing and loves to have a dig at players who are struggling which is amusing in a multi-player match.
When you start the game you can select between Older music, Newer Music or Both which is a nice touch.
Single player is fine, but lacks the thrills of the multi-player mode in the game and it's unlikely that you'll return to it too often.
Also, and somewhat understandably there are quite a few more obscure UK based questions then those from other territories around the world. In fact, it's right up there with SingStar in terms of entertainment, although with a lot less embarassment.

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