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Somehow I think I thought if I can just get through this it will be easy and I will be the queen of the parenting world and I’ll have time for Netflix, wine and a break at night. It’s like I took the mythical easy parenting myth pill that is freely handed out in parenting books, parenting classes and sometimes the utopian Target ad.
Motherhood is truly hard hard work and whole bunch of putting our heart on the line knowing that it will be tired, worn, hurt, sad, worried and hoping that all the hard work matters. Maybe motherhood is a whole bunch of having no idea what we’re doing every single day. And instead of thinking that someday it will be easier we just decide that discussing who gets the last juice box and saying go to bed eleven times to our twelve year old and being incredibly worn is just part of the story.
Same goes for you, sweet mom, waiting for the day where you and I can just put our feet up and breathe. Right in the crazy, hectic and busy days of motherhood and to remember that this is exactly one hundred percent what motherhood really looks like. Who is now trying to figure out how to get permanent market off of her new ottoman left by her all of a sudden writing words and super proud six year old.
When I check who commented on one of my blog posts, or who put up any other kind of backlink, I follow services like Bloglines, Technorati, and Feedster (usually in this order – the Bloglines backlink checker is my current favorite).
I think it ought to be possible to just write a user stylesheet to include in Firefox which would always highlight a backlink.

Thanks to all those helping out, Google Blogoscoped has risen to the number two spot in the Seraphim Proudleduck challenge*. If you (like me) are a fan of those isometric pixel cities, then you’ll like the CityCreator. It’s going back to that idea that if we just get through then it will be easy and we can breathe. So I guess you could say after twenty years I’m giving up figuring out what motherhood is really about and chasing easy. What if someone’s idea is automatically included in another place, one which then happens to rank better in Google? Thanks to Jamie in the forum (and Firefox being able to understand advanced CSS selector syntax) I now have a tool to hightlight all links to my blog. Being a programmer at my day job I wonder what happened if I told my client that I can’t further help him with his problem. I can just change the post-time manually every time the bug appears, or leave the post where it is.
Or when the socks don’t feel right and we go through all the socks when we are already late. It could seem normal, but alas, my life is so far from normal that sometimes I step back, chuckle, sigh, look at it, think that it could be on reality television and then keep on moving imagining the crew of TLC following my insane world.

Snapshots of a life spent having no clue what we’re supposed to do next but plodding forward optimistic and full of love. Instead, well, instead I’m living, giving and loving and being proud of me right here. I am unsure if this is possible in CSS2 using the Mozilla engine, and also, how to include user stylesheets in Firefox to begin with. Or when there is nothing to put in the lunch boxes and no time to go to the store and and no plastic bags to put anything in.
You see, I was driving her to my parents house where she lives so she can go to the private high school near their house. As alternative, I wonder how one could write a Firefox extension (or bookmarklet) to automate this process. Being a single mom makes it almost impossible to be in five locations at the same time so I made the tough decision to drive her back there for the week because the investment in her meant me giving her up for those days. Who wants to really read the Facebook updates like spent the last fifteen minutes trying to get my six year old to choose a shirt for school or the kitchen looks like a bomb is now cleaned or finally tamed Mount Washmore?

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