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It probably helped that at the time I was driving an Aston Martin Vantage V12, which I was fed up with. Whenever I saw an Aston on the road, the thing I always noticed was the sidelights glowing in the gloom, giving the car that classic Aston look. I find it funny that people feel if they spend a fortune on a car they are somehow more important than their peers who don’t. Vocks speaks better English than I do, and made it clear that he didn’t want me to drive it, so I sat in the passenger seat while he took the wheel. I was at traffic lights and a young guy in a pimped-up Mitsubishi Evo pulled up and revved his engine a bit. It is not just the engine that has been modified in the Volvo Vox — the entire car has been pimped and engineered. As soon as I got it back to the UK, I took it for a spin down to Grimsby, near where I live. The thing is, my Volvo Vox is probably worth nothing, in that it isn’t an original car, doesn’t have a race pedigree and doesn’t come from a flash brand such as Ferrari. Guy Martin’s Spitfire aired on Channel 4 at 7.30pm on Sunday, October 12 and can currently be found on 4OD.
1998: Rides his father’s BSA bike at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire and decides that he wants to go into racing.
It might sound like a cliche, but the school run is set to be literally overrun with SUVs, after Peugeot revealed a new 3008.
We were all in awe of the amazing talent of Mike McGoldrick and Phil Cunningham who came in for a couple of days and played whistle, accordion along with John on the fiddle. Phil Cunningham, with not simply the fastest fingers in the West but some of the most sensitive ones! The full band will be returning to London for a final period of sessions (late February 2009) before we mix. Dan behind the Rogers mid 60's drumkit with a Sonor snare which was made for the 2003 tour which never happened. Richard Bennett plays Mark's Burns electric 12 string which appears more than once on the new record.
The twin remotes for the pair of Studer A800 tape machines which can be seen through the window. Chuck ponders a piano comp (on screen) Matt had just recorded an overdub on a song (Remembrance Day) which Mark an I worked on back in 2006 but it never made it onto KTGC.
The classic Vox Continental (single manual as opposed to my double) Both Matt and myself have used this on the record.

Matty plays the piano part on 'Remembrance Day' which was originally tracked with the band back in 2007 but never made it on to the KTGC album.
The kids were invited in to sing on 'Remembrance Day' last Saturday (21st March), here they are during the first few takes. Anthony Pleeth (far left) one of the finest cellists in the world, his father William, taught Jacqueline du Pré.
Chuck and Glenn enjoy the delights of the Mawson Arms without question the best pint of Fullers ESB and London Pride in the world. The evening rabble congregate outside the Cross Keys pub in Chiswick -Glenn, Richard, Danny and Mr.
My GSXR Suzuki superbike is about 220bhp and probably a bit quicker to 100mph, but if you put them on the road together the Volvo would leave it for dust between 100mph and 200mph. I was competing in a TT race two years ago, and one of the other riders called me over to show me something on his phone. When I was 21 I owned a BMW E46 M3 CSL and then a Porsche GT3 RS but I always wanted an Aston. His screen career takes off as he stars in Closer to the Edge, a documentary behind the scenes of the TT. Here's a composite shot of the studio area, those who are familiar with my peurile attempts at photography will know I hate to use a flash and since the studio lighting is not exactly bright, It's incredible any of these shots came out at all. For the audiophiles amongst us, we're using Steinberg Nuendo 4 on a PC (euch!) So far it's been as stable as can be with no problems at all.
I also used MK's amazing "Ludwig Black Beauty" which was an anniversary model signed and decked out with brass fittings and engraved to the 9's.
We're probably gonna end up using one of the Martin acoustics for this track (can't mention the title as it didn't make the album) which is in the key of F and played with open tuning. Matt used the Bosendorfer and Hammond (as well as me) but Matt was blown away by the 1927 Bechstein upright which I found on e-bay during the KTGC sessions.
Thursday 11th Dec 2008 L-R Rich Cooper, Richard Bennett, Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker, Danny Cummings, Mark Knopfler, Matt Rollings, Phil Cunningham, Glenn Worf, Chuck Ainlay and Guy Fletcher. As you can see, Chuck has to be lightening quick to arm the tracks once the take is in record. There will be lots of promo activity after the album release so stay tuned for info on that. They are even more surprised when I tell them that one is a 13-reg Ford Transit van, which I use almost every day, and the other is a Volvo estate, which I use only on special occasions. It is a 1967 estate, in beautiful battleship grey, and every time I get in it, it just twists my mind — and it would do the same to you too.

But when I bought the Vantage I discovered that those lights didn’t come on automatically: the driver had to switch them on.
It had been built by a guy called Mattias Vocks, an engineer from Sweden who works for the supercar maker Koenigsegg. Aside from transforming it from a five-door estate to a three-door model, Vocks added a six-speed transmission — a proper manual gearbox; none of this fancy steering-wheel-paddles stuff — a new rear differential, brakes from the Koenigsegg CC8S and adjustable front and rear suspension. The way I see it, anyone who says they drive their supercar fast on the road is still nowhere near its limits but no doubt beyond theirs. But if you tot up the cost of all the parts that have been used to make it and the man hours that have been put into building it, then I reckon I nicked it. We're still utilizing analog tape and most of the recordings pass through the wonderful Studer A800's. Sticks were mostly Vic Firth Extreme 5B brushes were Vic Firth Renaisance Regal Tip white nylon brushes and Regal Tip Blasticks. Dave at the studio has had it set up by a man who knows his shit and it's in tip top shape. In actual fact it's either Rich or Martin, our trusty assistants who man the analog machines. Matt replaced my original piano part and of course made it his own and took it to another level. Although it looks like a standard Volvo, I reckon it is about the fastest car in Britain — quicker than any Ferrari, Porsche or even Bugatti. Even at the time it looked beautiful; then he explained what had been done to it and I was hooked. I did the deal in two phone calls, finished the TT race, got in my van and drove to Sweden.
The fastest I have driven it is 205mph on a racetrack, but I think it will go faster and I reckon it does 0-60mph in less than three seconds. Once I was at traffic lights and a young guy in a pimped-up Mitsubishi Evo pulled up and revved his engine a bit. Cymbals were a mixture of Zildjian K's, Constantinople and Armand series all dark in sound to get that lovely breathy sound that I like.Hi hats are new they're "15" K Light Hi Hats" so great to play. The windows seemed to jam, the seats seemed to seize up and I couldn’t get the claimed top speed out of it on a track — not big things, but I was disappointed.

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