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You start with your academic qualifications, move on to your first job experience and your experience in the present field etc. Start with your present job profile, this is what the interviewer is interested in knowing.
Your skills should be highlighted and clearly put in front of the interviewer so that he remembers you amongst others. You must be able to convince him, how will your skills and talent will be beneficial for their industry.
Your body language and NLP plays an excessively critical role; hence make certain that your gestures are not giving any undesired indications. If you have thought of making it a worthy experience, then make sure that you have also learnt the new tricks of the field.
Therefore, for making your introductory speeches worth listening, here are 5 great ideas which can make your presentation worth remembering.
Question is a Good Start: Starting your speech with a question is the best way to keep your audience fully engaged. Personal Anecdotes and Stories will Do Wonders: While introducing a person in your speech use a personal anecdote or a short story related to his marriage or early life to keep your listeners wondering about the protagonist.

Use Some Famous Quotes or One-liners to Describe a Person: Quotes have the ability to convey your thoughts in a perfect way and can amazingly describe the personality of an individual. Personify the Person with a Nice Poem: Recite a poem that closely link with a person you are trying to portray in your introductory speech. Hence, considering these ideas while preparing a speech, will surely impress that particular person and will also get you the appreciation of your audience. It is very hard for anyone to become master in oration because speaking about any person or about oneself is a very difficult task.
It starts with your family members, goes on to your schooling, then college and then other details.
So carry that confidence to make it the best.¬† Deliver it in such a way that it keeps your audience fully engaged and the person to whom you are addressing. Sometimes you get the responsibility of introducing a person or topic you don’t know well. This will not only grab their attention but will also make them curious about what you have to say and who is the person you are talking about. Using these one-liners in your speech will help in setting the tone, theme and direction of your introduction.

Even if you belong to the category of those individuals who believe in being spontaneous still you must have been strategizing in your mind.
You must decide earlier which high points will you want to talk about, rather than all the details. Getting such a response over your presentation means you have won the heart of your audience and people enjoy listening to you.
In such a case, you must do a thorough research on him and find out the reason why you are introducing him. There are certain new methods of introduction and resume speeches, which will help you create an unparalleled impression in the mind of the interviewer. Try to give the useful information rather than trying to impress him with your family background. This will help you in bringing out many other facts also which will eventually make your demonstration interesting and will make it look credible.

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