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Video Transcript: According to the State Department Inspector General, Hillary Clinton did not comply with the Federal Records Act. The inspector general at the State Department says Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke federal email rules when she used a private server while she served as secretary of state.
The post Congressional Report Finds The NFL Still Can't Be Trusted On Concussion Research appeared first on ThinkProgress. The FBI, Massachusetts State Police, New York, and Nassau County Police Departments recovered nine of the 16 weapons stolen from the United States Army Reserve Center, located at 25 North Lake Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts. Authorities matched stains that were found near the weapons vault to Morales, who also wore a monitoring bracelet for child rape charges. Well that’s exactly what happened in one central Pennsylvania community, but the man who found it is homeless, and the owner is a single mother battling cancer.
The man, who did not want to be identified, is down on his luck, literally sleeping on the streets and in the parks of State College, Centre County. There's a Highlights feed that breaks down articles based on your interests or those related to your job.
James, who said he once worked as a Boston courthouse employee, found the backpack at the South Bay Mall in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood Saturday evening.

He doesn’t know where his next meal will come from, but he has a strong faith in God and he says that led him to do the right thing. All Rights Reserved.Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Police Commission finds LAPD officer's killing of homeless man unjustified The LA Police Commission ruled the deadly shooting of an unarmed homeless man in Venice was unjustified.
The 32-year-old man who found the purse sitting on a bench at Friedman Park didn’t want to go on camera with WJAC-TV, but said he’s originally from Boston but has been living on the streets of State College for several weeks. Morales remains in custody.Anyone with information about the location of these weapons should contact the FBI immediately at 1-617-742-5533. Due to the ongoing, federal investigation, all further inquiries should be directed to the United States Attorney’s Office in Massachusetts. The man who lost it told workers at a nearby Best Buy store at the mall and they called police.
Officers then brought the backpack’s owner to a nearby police station and returned his property after confirming it belonged to him. He opened up the wallet, and saw the cash along with an Access Card, and knew the rightful owner was also down on their luck. He contacted a local homeless shelter, who tracked down the woman, and it turns out, she’s a single mother fighting brain cancer.

James, who didn’t give his age, said he is from the Boston area and has been homeless since 2005.
Neither party wanted us to film their meeting, but it was filled with thank-yous, hugs and smiles.
A police spokeswoman said authorities don’t know his age either, but said that James is staying at a city homeless shelter and that many people have expressed interest in helping him since hearing about his good deed. The woman said her whole life is inside the purse, and she couldn’t put into words how grateful she was to have it back safely. The Good Samaritan said in his statement that he worked as a file clerk in the Boston municipal court system for 13 years, but lost his job and became homeless after problems with his boss.
James said it would be difficult for him to hold down a job because he suffers from Meniere’s disease, which the Mayo Clinic describes as an inner ear disorder that causes episodes of vertigo. James said that he doesn’t want to be a burden to his relatives and that people at the shelter help him.

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