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16-year-old Trevor Jackson became famous for his role as Kevin Blake in SyFy’s show Eureka  from 2012 until last year, he played young Simba in the Broadway musical The Lion King, in 2011 we saw him in one episode of Harry’s Law and  portraying Albert in the 2011 film Albert.
Trevor became the newest member in the Disney show Austin & Ally where he starred as Trent, this year Jackson made a cameo in the 8th season of Criminal Minds as Tyler Rogers. This 6’3” handsome star was born on August 30, 1996  in Indianapolis, Indiana who has excellent skills in the trampoline, can dance capoeira, knows martial arts as well as plays the guitar and drums among many other impressive skills in his resume, he was trained by Cynthia Bain, John Henny, and Erin Dignam. Trevor Jackson who worked with Zendaya for his music video Like We Grown has been a vocalist opening for Lupe Fiasco, Jason Mraz, Ziggy Marley, Raphael Saadiq and Michael McDonald & Boz Scaggs.
Trevor Jackson and Zendaya were indeed having dinner in L.A, but they were not alone, their parents were with them, and there was nothing romantic about it, in fact there has never been nothing romantic between them, they pretty good friends. This hasn’t been the first time Trevor and Zendaya have faced dating rumors, they were in May 2013  issue BOP magazine when they were at the music store and went for ice cream.
Well ”since im a really big fan of zendaya it so so so so so pretty of them together!!. Radiocarbon or Carbon-14 dating is a technique used by scientist to date bones, wood, paper and cloth. Carbon-14 reacts identically to Carbon-12 and is rapidly oxidised to form (Carbon-14)Dioxide. They’re both single, they have known each other for years and are best friends, to boot.
They say on-set romances rarely have a chance of success, of lasting past the film’s premiere date and there are certainly countless examples to confirm that.

Neither was looking to cheat on their respective partners, so they became friends, and in time, their relationship solidified. This is when he decided to follow his gut and finally ask her out, and they’re officially dating right now. Word has it that what made Liam dump Miley wasn’t just her drastic change in look, sound and behavior, but also her jealousy and her attempt at controlling everything in his life. Last year Trevor Jackson  appeared in two more films Let It Shine as Kris McDuffy and a Beautiful Soul as Quincy Smith.
It is produced in the Eartha€™s upper atmosphere when Nitrogen-14 is broken down to form the unstable Carbon-14 by the action of cosmic rays.
Since all living organisms on Earth are made up of organic molecules that contain Carbon atoms derived from the atmosphere, they therefore contain Carbon-14 atoms.
However, Jennifer and Liam could be the exception to that rule, or so fans want to believe. At the time, he was engaged to pop star Miley Cyrus (who was insanely jealous of how well the two got along, rumor has it), and she was dating longtime boyfriend Nicholas Hoult.
Jennifer is now describing Liam as her best friend ever, saying she would have never imagined that someone as handsome, smart and talented as he is would come into her life, teach her to stand up for herself and generally be a better person. Just recently, Jennifer was dating Coldplay lead Chris Martin, who was also fresh from a breakup, as he and his wife of 11 years Gwyneth Paltrow decided to go their separate ways, or as she so pretentiously put it, to consciously uncouple.
She confided in Liam about the whole thing and eventually shared with him her decision to end the Chris relationship, only after a few months of trying to make it work.

As the source puts it for the publication, Jennifer may have finally found her perfect match, because Liam is always very thoughtful and kind. So it could be that this dating rumor is just some PR’s attempt to get non-fans interested in the third film in the franchise.
The unstable Carbon-14 is transported down to the lower atmosphere by atmospheric activity such as storms.
The Carbon-14 within a living organism is continually decaying, but as the organism is continuously absorbing Carbon-14 throughout its life the ratio of Carbon-14 to Carbon-12 atoms in the organism is the same as the ratio in the atmosphere. Half of the remaining Carbon-14 then decays over the next 5730 years leaving one fourth of the original amount. By measuring the ratio of Carbon-14 in a sample and comparing it to the amount in a recently deceased sample its date can be determined. The unstable Carbon-14 within the organism begins to decay to form Nitrogen-14 by emitting a beta particle.
Over time there is a gradual decrease in the amount of Carbon-14 and the ratio of Carbon-14 atoms to other Carbon atoms declines. If a girl is in love u can see it in her smile and if a boy is in love u can see it in his eyes.

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