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Ever wondered how to make a tiled web page background where one tile joins perfectly with the next?
If you simply took this image, and used it as a web page background, you'd be able to see the nasty tiling lines it created, where one tile joined to the next. Now that our web page background image has been Sheared, the left and right edges will line up nicely, and the tiling line is now in the centre, where it can be easily worked on. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
You can try and remove the black background from the second one to make it more like the first one, using a command like this. Yesw, you can, you have to use some sort of Photo Editing software like Photoshop, try to follow the steps in this guide, let me know how it goes. Using ImageMagick to change background of an animated gif into transparent, but frames overlapped. Is there any point in unit testing a client service that simply passes through data from the server?
Tips, web design book reviews, resources and observations for teaching and learning web development. Here’s a comprehensive post on keyword research that would be good to share with students. I’m always fascinated by stories about what women in the gaming and animation industry do.
Do you want to put a video background on your website to achieve the same impressive design results showcased by sites such as Razorfish and Random Dance? One way to add a video background to your website is to use the video embed HTML5 feature along with a bit of CSS3 to help your video maintain its position. There are many different scripts out there for loading videos, and each can be customized to serve your own purposes. Developed by John Polacek at Draftfcb Chicago, this script makes it simple for you to add a background video to your website.
As with any web implementation, test your new video background to make sure it plays on all major browsers and responds as it should (such as with image replacement) on different devices and operating systems.
They’re relatively simple, so an experienced coder should be able to implement them rather quickly and with minimal charge. The mass popularity of video presents opportunities for graphic designers to dabble into video editing. Adobe After Effects is often considered the de facto program for video effects, titling and compositing.
Motion is the effects program that works in conjunction with Final Cut Pro n in other words, it is Apple’s answer to Adobe After Effects. Toon Boom allows you to make quick and easy animations that maintain a premium appearance, without a steep learning curve. Adobe Premiere is a fairly basic editing program, but when you combine it with the power of Adobe Creative Suite, it is so much more. Much like Premiere, Final Cut Pro is a basic editing program, but with a decidedly Apple twist.

This iPad app lets you use your tablet like a notepad, allowing you to sketch your ideas as if you were using a traditional notebook. This is another idea notepad, except this one is integrated into the Adobe Creative Suite so you can use it seamlessly with Illustrator and Photoshop.
Color editing has always been a mundane task for graphic designers, but ColoRotate takes a lot of the busy work out of it.
Here’s a host of tools for Photoshop CS6: a collection of scripts by Trevor Morris that will make your image editing quicker while reducing dull and dreary busy work.
Sketch is more than just another sketchpad; it’s a powerful vector image creator and editor that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest graphic designer.
If you are looking for software to layout pages for a magazine or brochure, then iStudio is for you.
Color and backgrounds can add atmosphere, and a sense that the website a€?continues on past the screena€™. A background can give additional visual cues about a website a€“ for example, an elegant background can cue refined products or services and a retro background can signal fun products or services. The website Grunge Textures has a sub section of Free background textures, all of which have a nice earthy grunge look. Pixel Perfect Digital is a modernA free stock photo website offering an array of high quality free backgrounds, patterns and textures. FreeSeamlessTextures have a growing collection of seamless textures, backgrounds and patterns for your web and graphic design projects! Background Labs is a very good resource for high quality backgrounds that you can use for free.
This tutorial shows how to make a tiled web page background which has no visible tiling lines. Move both the dots all the way to the right (I've highlighted them with red arrows.) This moves the whole image to the right.
The Shear function only works left to right, so it will be necessary to rotate the web page background first (click Image, Rotate Canvas, 90A? Clockwise). It’s really not difficult to do, so long as you have a cursory knowledge of how to edit HTML files and upload Javascript files.
Javascript can determine what device is being used, and then load an image when background videos cannot be played. Don’t be afraid to play with the code to add features you want to use, and make it your own!
The detail in these illustrations really stand out, down to the veins in a fly’s wings. Though not yet W3C standards, these specifications are now feature complete, meaning businesses and developers have a stable target for implementation and planning. Even if youire not going to do video editing professionally, learn enough to make it part of your skill set, because video is likely to rule the future. Superior keying and compositing tools adds another dimension to a basic editing platform, allowing you to do more with graphics and fonts. Not only can you alter video files, but you can also share work seamlessly with other Adobe programs such as Premiere Pro and After Effects.

It was a long-time industry standard for video editing; combing graphics, titling and compositing with ease. If you are serious about compositing and getting the cleanest possible work on green or blue screens, then Ultimatte is a must-have tool.
The apps, software and web tools listed here have all made names for themselves in the graphic design market in recent years. Upload your photo to Pictaculous and it will automatically generate a matching color palette for you; thus saving time, effort and guesswork. Neat Image is a plugin for Photoshop that turns noisy, grainy photos into sharp, crisp, vibrant images.
The learning curve is low compared to InDesign or QuarkXPress, so you can be up and running in no time. If the background graphics take over the website, the message of the website can be lost, and the whole website design can look very unprofessional. All of the backgrounds on the website have a free small version but the Freebies section does have a selection of 40 very large top quality textures to choose from. The only slight draw back is that some of the images are under the standard screen size of most modern devices.
Seamless texture images can be tiled across your background with the edge of each image blending seamlessly into the next resulting in an improved page load speed versus using one large full screen image. The backgrounds licenses are clearly marked and the majority are all free for commercial use. With a wide range of eye pleasing images categorized by color and application this website is worth visiting if you’re looking for a website background. Some of the clouds are pushed off the right hand side, and they reappear on the left hand side. With this script, you can load videos from any source (though the author recommends Vimeo), and you can even add an interactive playlist.
And, if you’re more a designer by heart, you can always hire a freelancer to install these scripts for you.
If you are considering an alternative to Instagram, you will find a viable choice in that article.
It is not user friendly for those with no video editing experience, and the learning curve is steep. More importantly for novices, it simplifies effects so you can quickly add a professional touch to your videos. All images are free and can be easily downloaded, with some backgrounds also having a psd (Photoshop file) available.A Not all of the smaller backgrounds images can be tiled and except for manually searching it hard to find what backgrounds can be tiled. Alexandra Asher Sears, who writes about various site’s terms of service for BlogHer in a series called If Emily Posted, will be looking at the ethics of what Instagram is doing. That post will be published on BlogHer on Thursday and should be full of helpful details to help you make a decision about your Instagram account.

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