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As seen in the video below, a curtain of mist surrounds the tabletop and the 2D image of a table comes to life on it. As explained by the researchers, the see-through aspect gives a direct line of sight of the personal screen, thus showcasing the elements behind it on the tabletop. Apparently, the personal screen affords a host of customisations and unique interactions, which include presenting 2D personal contents on the screen and 3D contents above the tabletop.
While we might have taken it for granted by now, haptic feedback technology truly is a remarkable way of interacting with our devices. Featured in everything from Macbook tracking pads to modern day video controllers, the power of haptic feedback resides in recreating the sense of touch by applying a variety of force feedbacks onto the user during a virtual experience. Recently, researchers at Bristol University have combined the haptic feedback technology with 3D holograms to create 'invisible' 3D objects that, while there is no physical object, allows a user to 'feel' an object based on a clever use of ultrasound technology. By focusing an acoustic radiation force to a specific region, researchers were able to craft touch-sensitive three-dimensional objects using the field disturbances caused by sound waves.

While the sound waves themselves are invisible to the human eye, the team created a visual experience by directing the device at a layer of oil so that the disturbances appeared as objects when illuminated. Despite being commonly used for entertainment and gadget hardware, haptic feedback is also used commonly in the medical industry for virtually exploring (and feeling) the human body during surgical or other medical procedures. Whether or not the technology will hit the consumer market anytime soon is still unknown, but to say that we are one step closer to having the interactive hologram technology used by Tony Stark in the Iron Man films is a definite yes.
Take a look at the innovative MisTable, the brainchild of Professor Sriram Subramanian and Dr Diego Martinez Plasencia from the University of Bristol's Department of Computer Science.
Probing and prodding with his finger, the demonstrator goes on to move the image of a table from the mist to the tabletop. With the reach-through aspect, the user can literally reach out to manipulate the object in the mist and thus switch the interaction from the personal screen to the tabletop or the empty space above it. The simple tabletop combines mist (or fog) with a conventional horizontal interactive system, giving life to 2D images and making them appear three-dimensional via simple manipulations.

The visualisation is possible thanks to the use of personal screens that are both see-through and reach-through.
The project will be presented at the ACM CHI 2014 conference this April, where it will be showcased as a device that supports new forms of interaction and collaboration for the future. The interaction possibilities include sharing content with another user, sharing personal content on the tabletop, 3D interaction of direct and indirect manipulation.

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