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I was inspired judging a competition last weekend to want to put more emphasis on WODs and endurance over Olympic weightlifting, which has recently stolen my heart. I was in complete awe of so many athletes that I watched compete this weekend and last, and motivated by SO MANY amazing, strong, women.. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Souland a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success. A big reason why people fail to manifest the things they want is because they never actually intend for their dreams to come true.
For example, if you don't ask the waitress at the restaurant for extra napkins, you're probably not going to get them.
So, if you have any wishes (be them big or small), start to set intentions for them to come true!
Use these opportunities whenever they present themselves to start putting more desires out there and start manifesting more of the things you want. I've found it can be a lot of fun to write my goals and wishes down and put them away for a while, and then a few months later open them back up and look at them.
Not only that, but you will find when you put your dreams out there, other people will come to you with information and advice on how to make your dreams a reality. I look up to you as an athlete so love hearing that even at levels above me, these same things happen to the seasoned folks!

They believe their desires are inconceivable or impossible, so they never even ask for them.
There were a lot of things I wanted that I didn't think I'd ever have, so I never bothered asking for them.
If you're completely lost and don't ask for directions, you're probably going to stay lost.
While sitting or lying down with your eyes closed, focus on your breathing for a few minutes to clear your mind.
Whenever the clock says 11:11, I see a shooting star, or I pass a wishing well I take a moment to think of a quick wish.
So often we save our wishes for just a few bigger things, but you can set as many intentions as you want- so why not ask for more? Create a board with pictures of the things you'd like to manifest (like the car, house, relationship, job, etc.).
When we tell other people about our intentions, we get more people involved in our creative process!
People love to share their knowledge and expertise, especially when they know someone is interested in hearing about it!
I do the WODs and they suck the life out of me and sometimes I cry, and sometimes I quit, and sometimes I just finish them and wonder how in the heck I did it. The same thing works for the universe-if you don't ask for what you want, it will probably never come!

When your mind is centered and free of any racing thoughts, imagine your wish coming true and ask the Universe to help guide you toward your goal. It can be a physical board you can hang in your home, or you could even make a vision board on Pinterest to keep a digital place for your images. Now, not only are we expecting our intentions to come true, but other people start to expect our wishes come true as well.
You open yourself up to a lot more information on how to reach your goal when you involve other people. What we think about right before bed we are more likely to dream about, and dreams can help the manifestation process. As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the SoulĀ® series, he's personally taught millions of people his unique and modernized formulas for success and personal fulfillment, and is a widely recognized leader in peak performance strategies. The more people expect your dream to come true, the more magnetic pull you will have on your dream. So if you have a question you want answered, or a goal you are reaching toward, take a moment to intend it right before you go to sleep!

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