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Job Interview PowerPoint Template is a free template for PowerPoint intended to be used by job seekers or job boards.
The template contains illustration with different professions like receptionist, pilot, bellboy in a Hotel, licensed nurse, customer service representative, firefighter, etc.
We may send you updates periodically (once or twice per month) about new content posted in our website. Companies often like you to give PowerPoint presentations as part of an interview as it assesses your communication skills, knowledge of a topic and the ability to stay calm under pressure.
But we know you probably hate giving PowerPoint presentations because they can result in bad design, embarrassing mumblings and a severe case of nerves.
If you’ve been asked to give a presentation, follow these do's and don'ts and help avoid 'death by PowerPoint'.
If you don't know where to start or have zero design prowess, use one of Microsoft's templates. Presentations go awry when the presentee tries to cram in every piece of information imaginable.
Start by ascertaining what you want the overall message to be and then break this down into logical slides. Find out if there is a time limit for the presentation and if there is, practice until you can roughly hit it.
Nerves will probably mean you talk faster than you would normally, but the last thing you want is to be rambling on for 20 minutes when the presentation was only supposed to be for 5 minutes. Companies don't always have the equipment you may need to deliver your presentation, so always email yourself the file, have a copy on a USB stick and have hard copy prints in case everything else fails. The term 'can't see the wood for the trees' could be changed to 'can't see the mistake for the words'.

By far the worst PowerPoint mistake is flooding slides with different fonts, colours, artwork and themes.
While it’s a good idea to have reference cards in case your mind goes blank, keep these to simple keywords.
You might think you just need to fill the slides with content, do a bit of talking and then that’s it. Employers ask for presentations to get a demonstration of how you perform in a real-world environment. A side effect of putting so much effort into your presentation is that you can forget the presentation is part of the interview process. Don't miss out on the opportunity to include examples of your skills or suitability for the job in the presentation. Whether you want to advertise a single job quickly and easily or search among more than 8.5 million candidates on our CV database, totaljobs can help you. Pusimos ejemplos para que vierais que los pronombres personales son palabras que sustituyen a los nombres. Job Interview PowerPoint template can be used by job sites looking to create job interview PowerPoint  presentations. If you know who will be interviewing you, do some research as to the kind of person they are and what sort of presentation they might expect.
But all that will happen is instead of being impressed by the wealth of content, the interviewer will be left feeling bamboozled. This could change slightly depending on the presentation, but work on an introduction, the content sections, a summary and then possible recommendations. You can create hard copies of the presentation with extra information to hand out afterwards, but this is a presentation, not a lecture, so you are expected to verbally elaborate on the slide content.

The embarrassed feeling that comes from a presentation not working and having no plan B can be hard to forget.
When you spend a long time working on something, you can't see the glaring errors someone else would, so ask a friend to proofread it. Use a light background and only use visuals if they enhance or illustrate what you are explaining. If you stand and simply read from note cards, you will look incompetent or simply unprepared. That way you can jog your memory if needed, but you won't be tempted to just read from the card, and can maintain good eye contact with the room. It might not be possible for all presentations, but don't waste an opportunity to sell yourself. Alternatively you can download other free job PowerPoint templates and backgrounds for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Leave a couple of seconds for the interviewers to look at the screen and then start talking. So once you have written the presentation, run through and try to anticipate what questions could be asked and how you would answer.

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