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Your word processing document will appear on screen to display the Rosser & Townsend in-text citation and bibliography - notice that it's properly formatted in APA 5th edition style! The word processing document shows: 1) the figure citation (Figure 1), 2) the figure caption, and 3) the List of Figures title.
You may need to modify individual citations in your paper by excluding the year or author, adding page number(s) when quoting verbatim or for inserting a comment or correction. The Rosser & Townsend edited citation now includes the referenced page numbers while excluding the year. Then select the EndNote FIND CITATION(S) icon in the toolbar or go to TOOLS, ENDNOTE X, FIND CITATION(S). The word processing document will appear and show that the citation was inserted into the word processing document and create a  corresponding bibliography entry. The most commonly used style to write papers and cite sources is the MLA (Modern Language Association) style. The MLA format is a series of rules and guidelines for writers that have been used since 1985. In the MLA format, a parenthetical citation is used when the writer references someone elsea€™s work either through paraphrasing or quoting them directly.
A computer-based foreign language lesson was developed to study the effects of text, context, and gender on listening comprehension and motivation. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

To select multiple citations click on one citation then hold the CTRL key while clicking on the second citation (or holding the down arrow key). To create a List of Figures section in the document, 1) move the List of Figures title, 2) copy and add the Figure 1 caption below the List of Figures title.
Writers using the MLA format must reference their sources of information using parenthetical citations in their essays and Works Cited pages.
The writing style prevents plagiarism and allows readers to easily access the sources cited by authors.
In order to give the original author credibility, the writer must reference the authora€™s idea by providing the authors name and the page number of the referenced work. MLA formerly required titles of publications and media sources to be underlined, whereas the 7th edition of the MLA handbook requires these titles to be italicized.
Such mediums include: Audiocassette, CD, DVD, Film, Print, Radio, Web, Film, Videocassette, DVD, Performance, Lecture, and PDF file.
A total of 109 fifth grade students responded to spoken commands, with text and a story absent or present. By providing references, a writer builds credibility and prevents accusations of plagiarism.
Because the MLA writing style does not accommodate scientific and technical publications, it is primarily used in the humanities with subjects including the arts, media, literature, and social science.
When the reference to a source is not to a specific passage within a text but to the text itself, only the authora€™s name needs to be referenced within the paper.

Presenting spoken language with text appeared to assist the development of listening skills.
However, when a specific passage is used within the research paper the authors name and page number are both required. When text was present, students made fewer errors on the subsequent comprehension test and gave higher relevance and confidence motivation ratings than when text was absent. Girls demonstrated higher achievement than did boys and rated the lesson higher, indicating that girls tend to like different kinds of software than do boys. An interaction between context and gender regarding achievement was significant: Girls, but not boys, made fewer errors after a story-embedded lesson. Attitudes, motivation, and personality as predictors of success in foreign language learning.
Integrating total physical response strategy in a level I Spanish class.Foreign Language Annals, 15, 273–280.

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