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February 5, 2016 Leave a Comment My daughters and I spend approximately 7 hours per week in the car together. Sometimes we’re out driving a bit too early or too late for there to be enough light for reading or coloring. I’m hoping with all these ideas, I get a whole lot more harmony from the backseat, and a whole lot less bickering.
January 15, 2016 Leave a Comment I’m excited to introduce you today to a wonderfully helpful app, OurPact.
Adults today are constantly looking at their cell phones, iPads, computers, TVs, and well anything that’s electronic, right? OurPact is an app that is a parental guidance application that uses MDM technology to give parents the power to block the Internet, block certain apps and schedule the device to use according to their child’s daily routine.  It’s simple to use and free! It uses MDM technology where you can sync your IOS device with all your children’s iPhones and iPads.
If you have kids at home and worry about what they’re seeing on their devices or how much time they’re spending on them, check out OurPact for yourself!
For this week's "What Women Really Think … " article, we're looking at how ladies feel about guys with tattoos. While the tattoo conversation still continues on Facebook and Twitter, it's clear to see that you can't please everyone with your tattoos. This Anti Bullying Quotes is a nice wallpaper and stock photo for your computer desktop and your personal use, and it is available in wide and high resolutions.
If so, join other moms in a private online community to discuss the joys and challenges of motherhood, as well as advise Mattel about their toys and games. I spend that time driving to school, to church, and to a myriad of other activities; but my daughters in the backseat spend it very differently.
A book accompanied me on a three-minute trip to the market and a cross-country road trip required two backpacks full.
Both girls love to color, paint, and sculpt, so bringing some of their art supplies into the car is a real treat.

The 6-year old is permitted 20 minutes of game time on the tablet either on the way to or the way from school. Once something that only sailors and bikers sported, these days tattoos can be found on the least likely of men. As with everything, we have some strong opinions on the topic, and we received confirmation that tribal armbands really are the worst of the worst.
As long as they aren't actually offensive or anything, I don't mind them at all," says Elizabeth,  27. If he does have tattoos, they should be tasteful, artful, thoughtful … not corny and common.
I like a guy that doesn't give a f*** about what he looks like, and isn't all vain and into tats. Sometimes they banter back and forth happily, sing silly songs together, or even try to out-do each other by making fart noises into their hands, but often they use their backseat time to bicker and fight.
I even read Little House on the Prairie aloud to my dad on a trip when the car’s radio broke. Download the maps for offline use when you need to conserve battery power or when you’re in a low service area.
It was pretty surprising when I found out my father's straight-laced accountant had a full sleeve of tattoos, but I guess with everyone and their mother getting them, I really shouldn't have been so shocked. While I sometimes find guys with awesome tats smoking hot, I am far too painfully traditional to ever seriously date someone with a lot of tattoos," says Megan, 28. You may think it's cool and artistic, but that doesn't necessarily mean every woman you meet feels the same way.
I think fighting from the backseat raises my blood pressure and stress level more than slippery roads or blizzard conditions ever could. My 6-year old daughter is becoming a more independent reader, so telling her to “read quietly to herself” is now a reasonable request.
We have a few well-loved CDs of Veggie Tales (because my kids go nuts for singing vegetables), some holiday tunes that are requested year-round, and occasionally they let me get away with carefully curated Taylor Swift or Katy Perry.

These maps come with voice navigation (even in different languages) and door-to-door routes, so you never miss a step. Yours and others’ contributions show up on a live map which is edited and updated by Waze editors. It guides you using 33 different languages, has speed limit warnings, speed camera warnings, and precise navigation. Her 2-year old sister often feels left out of quiet reading time, so she too flips through a book, pointing at pictures and saying her ABCs. Crayons can melt and colored wax is very difficult to clean, so pencils make the most sense. Hearing their sweet voices botch the words to “Shake it Off” makes my early morning drive instantly happier.
Our 2-year old doesn’t get tablet time but is a big fan of watching cartoons in the backseat during the long drive to Grandma’s house.
To prevent this, we’ve started to adopt a few different activities to keep harmony in the backseat. Each girl gets their own coloring book, and they’re free to color – or scribble – to their hearts’ content.
It will locate nearest points of interest as well as warn you when speed cameras are ahead.
It makes road trips much more interesting and run more smoothly since your can see places of interest coming up and cheap gas prices displayed as well.

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