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Take your movie theater 3D Glasses and turn them into 3D Minion Goggles with this free printable!
Here are my boys in their Minion Goggle 3D Glasses at the theater, getting ready to watch the show. If, like me, you grabbed glasses from when you went to see Monsters University, you can now put double stick tape on the front of the glasses. Line up the holes in the goggles with the lenses on the glasses, and attach the goggles to the front of the 3D glasses.
And just like that, you’ve turned your plain 3D glasses into Minion Goggles perfect for watching Despicable Me 2!
While the paint is still wet, I carefully peeled up the freezer paper, and let the shirt dry.
I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your minion goggle project! The other day my daughter was sitting on the floor of my office playing with a few of my paper punches and trying her best to use up all my paper, when an idea suddenly popped into my head for an ornament. First you’ll need to punch out lots of little snowflakes (or whatever shape you are using). Finally time to start making the ornament…add a sequin to a pin, and then stick the pin through the centers of two snowflakes. And then stick that one, and a whole bunch more, into the Styrofoam ball…easy peasy, snowflake squeezy.

Hi, I plan to order the no sew quilted Easter Egg book, but didn’t know if I would also need other tools. Those are the shorter pins (some people prefer those over the longer ones), and they are pretty inexpensive.
Love this idea, shame we cant get Martha Stewart here in Portugal…but it has given me some inspiration for things I can make for the local animal charity christmas fair! I would love it if you put a print button on screen for pattern so it does not print the whole comment screen.It uses a lot of extra ink.
Turn the sheet over, and attach the tabs to the back using a glue stick or double-stick tape. Since I made a Mike Wazowski t-shirt for my son to wear to Monsters University, and now a shirt to wear to Despicable Me 2, I’m sure my son will be expecting a custom shirt every time we go to the movies. Thank God i was able to take a few pictures before he ripped it apart haha figured as much since babies doesn’t like anything in their face or head.
Let celebrity cake designer Elisa Strauss teach you to sculpt and decorate an unbelievably realistic couture handbag from cake. Sculpt your cake into a fashionable handbag with divots and pleats to form an authentic sense of movement; and create genuine-looking zippers, rivets and buckles from gum paste. I’ll just continue with this extra bullet point here so this ornament seems more intricate than it really is. The number of punches will vary depending on the size of your punch and the size of your styrofoam ball…for my snowflake ornament, I probably used about 100 snowflakes.

I doubled up the snowflakes, unevenly, to make them look more full, but you may not need or want to do this with other shapes.
I am occupational therapy student and I used this activity to run an arts and craft group treatment! Develop dynamic sculpting methods; and explore exotic fondant patterns and textures like ostrich, alligator, and giraffe.
I used cardstock for this shape, because the edges of the snowflake were so flimsy, and I was afraid thinner paper would rip or bend easily…but a thinner (and less painful to punch out a million pieces of) paper would probably work perfectly fine for a more solid shape. Make sure that you take some tape with you to the movie theater to see Despicable Me 2 so that you can attach your 3D Minion Goggles! I added a layer of freezer paper to the inside of the shirt as well, to protect the paint from soaking through the front and into the back. Ohio and Western W.VA to stay at the park and admire the decorations and the entertainment.
In Despicable Me, many of the antics were of the sweet, toilet-brush-turned-unicorn variety. Which are funny for kids to watch, but things that moms don’t want their children to mimic.

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