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How To Make A Gift Box Pinterest Pictures, How To Make A Gift Box Facebook Images, How To Make A Gift Box Photos for Tumblr. All you need is an old CD, triangle, scissors, sheet of thick paper, a pencil and a piece of soft fabric. We eagerly wait for your opinions about our tutorial and the Square Pillow Gift Box:) Was it fun to make it? Place the CD back on the paper (with marked point in the center of a hole) and draw a circle with a sharpened pencil.
In the last quarter, draw a full circle using the bottom and the right points of intersection between the previous circle and rectangular lines. This heart container looks really sweet and is great for Valentines Day, anniversaries, or other romantic occasions. I'm sure you'll probably figure out the assembly just from looking at the template, but here are some pointers just in case. Cut along all the solid lines, then score along the dashed lines using a butter-knife and ruler. A roll of Stitch Witchery (fusible web) - this can be omitted if you plan to sew the fabric on instead of fusing it on. Fabric remnants - it's best to use lightweight cotton or cotton blends, because you are going to be using a hot iron to secure the fusible web. Lucy writes: I would like to make a fabric box like the one in your video, but I need a different size.
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DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. If this claim doesn’t convince you, there’s another, more down to earth, reason to prepare DIY wrapping - it’s so much cheaper than the bought one. Place a piece of felt under the cut-out shape – it will help you in scoring the lines.
If you use double sided card (with a pattern on both sides) it will be even more impressive.
This pattern takes about 2 hours to assemble, assuming you have the materials you need and are pacing yourself. If you plan to sew the fabric on instead of fusing it on, you can use other fabrics that are more heat sensitive. This is because it will be easier later to fuse it if the seam allowances are already established. This is to keep the fusible web from sticking straight to the tape, as you'll be fusing the lid fabric on the inside of the lid. One is if the box you need is similar in size to the pattern we provide, simply print out and alter our pattern using the instructions above.
Add some fancy ribbon and you’ll have a perfect box for tiny presents, like jewelry :) If you’re in need of more wrapping ideas, go here. If card stock doesn't fit in your printer, then you can print the template onto paper, and then trace it onto some card stock. If you can do a basic whip-stitch and know how to cut fabric and use an iron, you can do this!

You can use this to showcase photos, or to house a gift for someone, store sewing supplies, keep memorabilia items together - the possibilities are endless!
If you do them both at the same time, you might pucker the fabric and won't get very straight results. Using pins to hold them in place, you'll put the fusible web over the outer fabric seam allowance and under the inside fabric edge.
You'll follow the above instructions to cover the lid with fabric as well, making sure to fuse on the inside flaps of the lid.
Iron-on patches can be adhered to the outside or the inside of the box once the fabric is attached. Just be sure to use a heavier cardboard if you make it much bigger, so it can hold up to the weight of being a larger box.
You can also glue or sew beads or findings to the outside or inside of the box to personalize it. You can still sew the edges together instead of using Fusible Web, however, and also sew embellishments on it.

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