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Here we will discuss few tips and fundamentals that will make your presentation more effective, impressive and professional avoiding most common, obvious and “invisible awful” errors!!
On the other side, a poor presentation or presentation having too much animation, colors, non-readable text, fast colored text or titles, pictures etc. Here we’ll discuss few tips and fundamentals that will make your presentation more effective, impressive and professional avoiding most common, obvious and “invisible awful” errors!! Arrange your text with proper spacing, allowing you to represent your key message properly. Try to maintain a line of text with minimum 5 or maximum 6 words in case of the end of sentence.
Key message is the message that says everything about the presentation in short and leaves a long lasting impression to the audience. Video Clips, Audio Clips and various Animation effects are a powerful tool to convey the key message in a much better way.
A healthy discussion will make you more confident and help you to keep your audience attentive throughout the presentation. Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi is working as an Data Automation Specialist at Silver Touch Technologies Limited. As such, there is no definition for a smart city, but it is always good to have a clear thought on “Smart Living or Living smartly”. Parks, playgrounds, and recreational spaces are required in order to enhance the quality of life of the citizens. Use of online services to increase the response time and accountability; use of mobile apps for real time interaction with Administrative offices, Municipal Offices and others. Giving an identity to the city based on its main economic activity, such as local Cuisine, health, Education, Arts and Craft, Culture, Sports Goods, Furniture, Hosiery, Dairy, Banking Facilities etc.
Organizing Training Programs for smart living, which will guide and ensure all citizens to adapt and follow certain rules and regulations and to establish the smart behavioral changes in all citizens.
There are 98 smart cities, and each city has to submit a comprehensive project report as per the guidelines defined for Smart Cities, by December, 2015. There are multiple approving systems, and it is the biggest hurdle for approvals related to reports, funding, payments etc.
The concept of Smart Cities in India cannot be a successful mission without the involvement of Smart People as they have to change themselves in civic sense.

Semaphore Software is a offshore web development company which has a strong team, and vast experience.
Rahul BharadwajRahul Bharadwaj, a techno commercial professional with vast experience in to Government Segment and looking after new ITES requirement across different Ministries, PSUs and Apex Bodies.
Revolutionary progress of various office applications like MS-Office and Open Office has made this word more popular. Create or use the theme that makes your idea more clear and helps you to represent it easily. It is strongly recommended that you check and verify the contrast before putting it in the live presentation. Presentation Experts have introduced this attractive abbreviation to explain the importance of simplicity. He has 16+ years experience in Data Research, Data Preparation, What-If Analysis, Automated Report creation and VBA Application. Companies or Groups related to IT, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Automation, Consultants, Government Organizations and many others are constantly looking out for opportunities in this segment.
Smart Living comprises of Smart Schools, Smart Hospitals, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Parking, Smart Water Management, Smart Waste Management, Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Smart Crime Control Management, Smart Disaster Management, Smart Integration and several other smart things, which requires the effective involvement of Smart People or Smart Citizens.
The smart road network needs to be created not only for the vehicles and public transport, but also for the pedestrians and cyclists.
Establishing e-Groups to collect the feedback of people regarding services being offered in a smart city, and using smart online applications for the monitoring of such programs and activities.
Smart Schools, Smart Traffic, Smart Lightning, Smart Disaster Management, Smart Hospitals, Smart Commuting (Metro), Smart Buildings, Smart Crime Monitoring etc. After reviewing the reports, only 20 Cities will get shortlisted for funding (Central Govt.
As the End User of Smart Solutions, are the future citizens of the smart city ready for the rules and regulations applicable for them? He is carrying good knowledge in Mobile Applications, Software Applications and Web Portal Development. It has got the importance as an essential element like other important skills, for an institution. Despite the best idea and beneficial proposal represented in it, one can lose attention due to such presentation. Similarly your presentation must have impressive title slide with proper and cluing subtitle.

Without colors, presentation won’t work, but it is also true that a lot of colors may irritate the audience or shatter a presentation. Currently he is developing software and utilities in MS-Excel using Visual Basic for Application (VBA) environment. Smart Citizens need to possess aspirations and adaptability towards Smart Behavioral Changes required for smart living. Countries like US, UK, Singapore, Germany and others have already shown their interest through Technology in funding Smart Cities in India and a Single Window Clearance will boost their interest in Smart Cities of India. Presentation helps you to represent your idea, product or view very easily and effectively.
It helps to manage and prepare slides by dividing the matter in various pieces like Text, Clip-Art, Word-Art, Charts, Table etc.
The status as of now stands that about 10-12 cities have not finalized a consultant, so political and administrative leaders had to be a part of the smart city project.
There are many questions that need to be answered before setting forth on the journey towards smart city. Short and to the point presentation successfully passes pinpoint message to the audience, which may be a notable reason for closing the deal or sale!
Black text on White background is the best contrast but it is boring and the most used colors.
Application doesn’t matter here, but skill of creating effective presentation matters!!
A presentation greatly helps to visualize complicated concepts or focus attention on a subject. If you don’t do this, there are chances that a question related to the next slide topic will be raised during explanation of the current slide!
Keep eye contact with the audience and wisely answer their questions raised during the discussion. Talk freely, because audience will be attentive to you only if they hear something new and interesting.

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