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In any production environment when a Windows 7 computer is connected to a network, administrators may want to make some files or folders always available offline to the users who need access to them on regular basis.
On Local Group Policy Editor snap-in under Computer Configuration expand Administrative Templates and expand Network. From the expanded list click on Offline Files and from the right pane double click on Administratively assigned offline files. On the opened box select Enabled radio button and in the Options section click on Show button. When you are on the move, and in the process of travelling, can get no Wi-Fi connection, you definitely won’t be able to access any website from your mobile, tablet or laptop. How do you access webpages on the Internet offline from your desktop, laptop, tablet as well as your mobile phone? Read it is a Chrome extension, which allows you to access saved content from your mobile and tablet after saving the files to cloud. Read It only saves content and not the whole website, so when you open webpages that feature many articles in one page like a blog, for instance, chances are, you will not be able to save the article you want.
When access is granted, your files will sync to Cloud, and you can now access these saved files from anywhere by going to the website (but you will need Internet access for the sync). Alternatively if you are using an Android phone, you can download Klip Me app from Google Play, log in with your Google account and sync. At the time of this writing, Spool is only available for Beta invite, however you can override that invite by registering with your Facebook login. After registration is done, you can now head over to the Spool Tools page to install the extension for Chrome or Firefox. Even on some pages like Facebook, you will also see the Spool icon with options to save a link. By default, after saving a page, it will be accessible via Web as well as your mobile apps with an Internet connection. To start with, register for a Read It Later account and go to the apps page to download all the necessary tools including bookmarklet, browser extension as well as mobile apps. For offline reading, all files will sync automatically to your mobile apps so you can read them even when you are offline.

To get started, go to Readability website and register an account, then head over to the Apps page to download the extension for your Chrome browser, as well as the app for your iOS and Android. Perhaps there are many of us who are not aware that Evernote comes in handy for offline reading too.
That’s it, and now whenever your Evernote syncs, it will make your selected materials available offline.
With these five alternatives, you can now save your web contents for reading while out fishing on a boat or if you’re flying without a connection. This can easily be done through group policy settings and administrative privileges are required to do so. In the world these days, we are connected to the Internet almost every time of the day, be it at work or outside of work. The best thing about Read It is that it only saves clean content by stripping off all ads and non-related content, so what you get is pure content. But, you can still save the content of your choice by highlighting any particular content including images. The saved files will be stored to your device, and you can now read them even when you are offline. It has not only a web application and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, but it also provides you with Android and iOS apps, as well as a bookmarklet so you can use the service on all browsers and mobiles. What makes Read It Later stand out is the integration with many other apps that are available on the market including Pulse and Flipboard. However you can only read your saved content on your computer offline with a Firefox extension.
There are also many other applications which integrate with Readability, available for download from the apps page. Evernote is known as a major note-saving application available across platforms and is also great for file-sharing and collaboration with friends and colleagues due to the free storage provided.
Then to make it easier for you to save a webpage content, download the Evernote Clipper or Clearly so you can save any contents easily to your Evernote. There are certainly many other alternatives including some paid options like Instapaper as well as other computer-only access options, but I’m sure we prefer the idea of freemiums with mobility access and great tools.

Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google, Yahoo and Bing search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online. To make this content accessible on your mobile, you need to integrate Read It with your Google account so you can save all of your files in Cloud.
Spool also allows you to integrate your account with Dropbox so you can practically save not only web pages but other file types.
The best thing about using the extension is that not only will can you save pages using the Spool icon at the top of your browser, you also have other ways to save pages: by clicking on the icon, or using a right click on a link or even on a page. The sync’ed files will be automatically saved locally in your mobile, so you can access them while offline.
This makes it easier to save any content from other apps straight to Read It Later, so you can read these contents later even when you are offline. To make your saved files accessible offline on your computer, install the extension for Firefox. Like the others this app also syncs saved webpages to your mobile foor later reading even when you are offline.
To access your saved content offline, download Evernote apps for Android or iOS and log in with your registered account.
The best way to solve this is to spend time with stuff you can do without a connection – or make your materials accessible even when you are offline.
But it still can be accessed via web at where you will be able to push your saved content to Kindle and other ebook devices. Soon, Read It will be made available as a Safari extension so do check out the site for the latest updates. What makes it more interesting is the user collaboration towards making Read It Later a better product, with many external applications created by the users themselves.

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