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Print the box template onto lightweight cardstock, cut out along the solid lines, and assemble according to the directions found in the template file. Alternative directions: Assemble the box and attach the tie to the top flap first, and add your gift last. These boxes will hold a variety of small Father’s Day gifts, including watches, fishing lure, small food treats, gift cards, and tech gadgets like iPod Nanos or USB thumb drives. I loved this idea but since I have been at cub scout camp all week my time has been very limited. Just occasionally there is an advantage to living on the other side of the world- I have until September for Fathers Day, so I get to see what you’ve all done. I used your template to make a little gift bag for my dad’s birthday, thanks for a great tutorial!
Hi I did this- saved my father’s day at school!- but I saw your ties are coming out much bigger. Great idea… We were looking for bags for a candy table that we are doing for a mans 65th birthday party these are great! I invested time going to the store buying two sheets of cardstock, downloading the template (of which the first link is broken), cutting the thing out, and scoring a dozen lines, and taped it all together! The Beaded gift box is created using different type of beads, great for Christmas tree decoration, earrings, pendant and mobile phone accessory.
Basically you can use any size of square paper, if you want to make a bigger box you can use double sided tape to attach two papers or more together. I would love to hear what you think of this tutorial – Please leave your comments below! This entry was posted in DIY & Crafts, Party Styling and tagged DIY, Paper Craft, Tutorial by noa. Hi Paola, if you use card stock to make the boxes and pack them in a bubble wrap envelope, I think they will be.

Place your gift in the box, and use double-sided tape or glue dots to securely close the flap. Since I just found out that I would need to do the craft for Fathers day for about 50 primary kids tomorrow. However, I attempted to make one of these and didn’t realize how small it was going to turn out! Is the template for the ties smaller than the size you used and they only look bigger because of the picture? No one else has mentioned having this issue, so I’m not sure what else might be going on? And you can adapt the presentation for the occasion and make little gift bags for any kind of celebration.
The boxes will fit things like gift cards, chocolates (M&Ms, if you so desire), fishing lure, cufflinks, a bowtie. One shirt and the tie on the other were made from a piece of stripy card stock, and the second shirt and the tie on the first shirt were made from an old calendar of Japanese paintings.
If you use double sided card (with a pattern on both sides) it will be even more impressive. It’s fun to match the pattern design on the box to the occasion – I choose Snowy Winter and Christmas Presents designs for the upcoming holiday season. I used colorful printed digital paper for the outer box and plain card stock for the inner box. You can try different paper thicknesses and different sizes to see what best fits your needs.
I decided to simlify it by using colored bags from target (like lunch bags) trimmed off the edge because it was freyed. I wish there had been something to show as comparison in the pictures, such as a gift card, since that’s about the size of them.

But if you’re looking for something larger then, yes, you will probably be better served by using lunch bags. They look adorable despite my poor cutting and sticking, and they had just enough space to fit half a box of taffy sweets each, which is PLENTY for a healthy adult. Sharing is encouraged, but only for non-commercial purposes, and credit or a link back is appreciated.
I cut the square for the inner box about a quarter inch (0.5 cm) smaller, so that it would fit inside the outer box. I have so much scrap paper that I hate to waste so I’m glad I now have a way to make little Christmas boxes out of them.
Plus, you can skip the wrapping and just use some of the wrapping paper to make the top of the box!
I’ve provided a necktie template (and a bow tie template, in case your dad or husband is a bow tie kind of guy) that you can use with any patterned or solid colored paper to put the finishing touch on your own box(es). It turned out very cute were are going to put cookies and brownie bites into ours and have the kids pass them out to there Dads after church.
But I managed to enlarge the template, print it out on several sheets of paper, tape it back together, and trace it onto a 12?X12? sheet of scrapbook paper. And now I’m thinking about all of the other holidays for which I can customize the template, so don’t be surprised if you see more projects that make use of it in the future! It’s still too small to fit much in it, though, so I may try again but with 2 sheets of scrapbook paper this time.

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