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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Also, double check the permissions on that directory and make sure your app pool user has the appropriate access to it, and that it inherits down. Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it? Firstly we will need to authorize the user using the FaceBook Graph API and get the Access Token so that we can post on the user’s FaceBook wall.
In the below code we are authorizing the user using FaceBook and also asking him to provide permission to the application to post on the user’s FaceBook wall. I have Created this API and successfully hosted on server and do sanity with Poster, It worked. When Visual Studio finishes deploying the app, the default browser automatically opens to the URL of the deployed website, and the application that you created is now running in the cloud. When I click on "Publish" button, Visual Studio just creates another copy of source project with all code (.cs) files. I've uploaded my project manually and still it yields the same results when using AjaxControlToolkit.

Compare both config files and make sure they match, except of course where they should differ in connection strings depending on if you're using some type of development DB. You'll probably see an assemblies tag on the web config file on your local machine and that needs to be also on your web config file on the production server. This is somewhat of a guess, but if it's not in web.config and not in the code, it could be a mismatch of items in the bin directory. My bin has all of those included in the project, but I've got nothing in the webconfig except for controls.
If it's not default.aspx, or similar, you will need to add it as a default document in IIS.
To add it, click on your site in IIS7, and double click Default Document in the middle column.
Now I want to use this API within my Web Form Project and want to use it as virtual directory.. If you checked Host in Cloud when you first created the project, then the connection and settings are already configured. I'm using the AjaxControlToolkit which I installed through Nuget, and it works perfectly when testing on my local machine.

Notice the MaskedEditExtender in the "Phone Number" text box, and how the Navigation bar up top looks; normal. The MaskedEditExtenders don't work in the "Phone Number" textbox anymore, and my Navigation bar is all messed up for some reason. Taking Ajax out entirely, it looks fine on my local machine and on the published website; I just don't have all the Ajax validations that I would really like to use.
I tried manually copying the files over without building it, building it and copying the files over manually and I tried rebuilding it then publishing it though Visual Studio.
I can provide you with my code if needed, but it seems like I'm just missing some directory or file in the upload process, or something just isn't working or not set up right.
Thank you in advanced and let me know if there's any other information I can provide if you might know the reason. I remade the app starting fresh, and it automatically added the assemblies you put above when I reinstalled Ajax Control Toolkit, although those where there in previous test versions of the app.

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