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We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. What does it take to inspire someone to read a book?Is it enough to give a heartfelt plea to the book's worthiness?Maybe a meme? Well, I'm not usually a big reader in this genre but in my opinion it's miles better than Poison Study.
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I had grown a healthy respect for her opinions and expression, so I entered into reading Seraphina with a certain amount of skepticism and trepidation. Half dragon has so many excellent possibilities, so I'm glad to hear this one delivered.I've got the ARC waiting on my Kindle, though this review might have shot it up to the top of the TBR pile. Hit's include "Cyclone and "What It Is."BUBBA SPARXXXHit's include "Ugly," "Back In The Mud," "Deliverance" and "Ms.
I wonder if Hartman felt a similar trepidation when she saw that I had applied for her ARC and decided to read it!

Now that's one way to put it!I've moved this book up on my to-read list because (based on your review) I already like the characters. Touch of Power is amazing, better than Poison Study by far, which is saying a lot because I really liked that book.
I'm glad you got to read this or I probably would never have known about this book coming out. Dragons have the ability to fold themselves into human bodies and have maintained a strenuous peace with the human kingdoms. A majority of dates have Naughty By Nature, Tone Loc, Coolio, Young MC and others on the bill. Seraphina's life is put into jeopardy when court intrigue and mystery implicates that the treaty between dragons and humans is in danger.Hartman's novel is almost flawlessly executed.
Aside from a few brief flashback sessions, the story is carried entirely by Seraphina who may be half human and half dragon, but she is all brilliant. They have a meme for that!Often in novels, the female MC will profess to be extremely smart but, much to my chagrin, behave agonizingly stupidly and prove to have the mental faculties of a gnat. Actually, I can not think of a single character in this book that I could argue as being two-dimensional or aggravating.In fact, I absolutely loved the portrayal of strong female characters in this book. It was done with such grace and humanity that I found myself respecting most of the women in this book.

Glisselda and the Queen were fantastic characters whom I absolutely adored.Kiggs, as the love interest, was believable, endearing and wonderful. He rocked it without needing to bully, oppress or corner Seraphina in any way!The pacing is excellent for a lengthy novel. This novel was so full of emotion, beauty and poetry that I was honestly startled because I expected none of it.I must confess that I am an acquaintance of Hartman here on GoodReads. That's probably actually an understatement.If you think that my opinion of this book has been swayed by my association with the author, then feel free to make your own mind up about it. I'm sure more reviews will be popping up soon.But, to be honest, I didn't know what to expect when starting this novel.
I will probably read it again and again when I need a laugh, or a romantic story or something to relax to. So, my question is, what will it take to inspire you to read this book?This ARC was provided to me by Random House publishers.

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