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Having a child with a broken elbow (more on that lovely turn of events later) is hard enough.
The rest of the world looks at this life and those that REALLY get it would totally understand if we fell apart. Chris Kovacs recalls the advice he got after informing his high school guidance counsellor and his parents that he wanted to be a painter.
A A A  He grew up in Toronto, trained at Queena€™s, University of Alberta and finally Harvard, after which he landed in St. Johna€™s, Newfoundland where he lives with his wife, also a doctor, and their two children. Apparently, bones are alive and theya€™re not just solid white things, and their density can fluctuate, and this can be very bad.

Just ask anybody who discovers they have osteoporosis by breaking their foot while walking up the stairs. They develop good, solid bones without the help of things like vitamin D, parathyroid hormone, and estrogen, all of which are necessary for adult bone-making. Ita€™s hard to take blood and hormone and mineral measurements.a€? Sometimes, he says, he has to use tweezers. What happens is kind of similar to lactation where the skeleton demineralizes to provide breast milk. And then all of a sudden the animala€™s skeleton demineralizes, and all this mineral goes right to the antlers and makes them rock solid. But again, we dona€™t know how.a€? A A A  Eventually the moosea€™s antlers turn into wood, and then the animal can go lay its eggs.

A A A  Apart from the painting and the pioneering research, Kovacs also teaches, treats patients, and even did a stint as a medical consultant for a hilarious Star Trek parody movie made by Australian cartoonist John Cook.
Which, as his guidance counsellor might have pointed out, is another reason why becoming an artist is not the easiest way to make money.

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