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I'm just curious and wondering for the last couple of days, who are the Korean Actresses and Actors that are dating in real life???? From Star Golden Bell HIS name was not said BUT fellow member Park Joon Hyung said that the last name was "Kim".
Some of the followers of the two stars noticed that they were wearing a plain neck chain with a key-shaped locket and they started speculating that it may be an indication that the two are in a relationship.
However, their representative from entertainment agency Namoo Actors denied the relationship rumours and stated that it is just a coincidence.

In June, a media report by Newsway claimed that the Korean actors started dating after the filming of popular KBS show "Joseon Gunman". Rubbishing the reports, one representative from Namoo Actors agency said, "The two have worked together before, but are simply colleagues and not lovers. While the actor is currently busy with MBC drama "Scholar Who Walks the Night", the actress is all set to appear in an SBS drama, titled "The Racer".
Lee Jun Ki received his from a fan and Jeon Hye Bin bought it herself," Soompi quoted him as saying.

The website stated that the two have been spending quality time together during their fitness sections.

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