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Cheryl Cole is a British singer (solo and also in the band Girls Aloud) and television presenter who recently won FHM’s Hottest Women of 2009 award. It’s no secret that music videos are easily the biggest category on YouTube these days, with basically every song you could ever think of uploaded to the site by fans around the world. From the moment you launch the site you can tell that Dinesh Nair and Jeff Sidlosky, the lad’s behind JukeFly, have have built something seriously impressive. It kinda reminds me of Spotify, but cooler because I don’t have to reside in one of the select few countries that it will actually work in. So to save you a few bucks on buying a crappy game, and also hopefully give some developers a bit of exposure I thought I’d do a quick run down on games I actually play and recommend. Check out this demo video on YouTube to get an idea of what the gameplays like, then go get it ! Now this is a game that I think was origanlly released on the PC, which has made its way to the iPhone. What if I told you there was a way to download all of the files you want without waiting and while maxing out your internet connection speed? I ran through a few quick mock senarios, restarting services, checking event logs etc and they were all quick. This is a fantastically cunning move by Facebook, and one that I think is going to really going to make things hard for Digg & Twitter. People often scoff at the $10 Billion valuable given to Facebook, but given the sheer power the network has to destory other startups I don’t think its far off the mark. So the much anticipated iPhone 3.0 OS update was released last week, bringing with it a swag of much needed updates included search, mms, tethering, push notifications and more. If you’re anything like me the first thing you want to do with your freshly updated iPhone is to jailbreak it, and unleash the full power of the device. So here it is, step by step exactly how to jailbreak your iphone as I know it can be quite overwhelming for new users.

Follow the onscreen instructions to put your iPhone into DFU mode and begin the jailbreak proccess.
Had a few of these Stephanie Rice Pictures land in my Inbox recently, and figured I’d post em up for you all too oogle over.
So my girlfriend has started reading the first Dexter Book, from which the TV series is based. So you’ve reinstalled Windows, ran windows-update, installed all your device drivers – Now what? Faster, more secure and more customisable, Firefox is the web-browser that needs no introduction (but I gave it one anyway).
I’m not into torrents so much these days but ĀµTorrent is easily the best BitTorrent client out there (most popular too!). Please add your suggestions in the comments because I’d love to know if you think there’s better apps out there! But despite this, and the fact that YouTube is owned by search giant Google, actually sorting through the crap and finding the clip you’re after can be painful. The main attraction is their flash front end for YouTube with tracks organized by popularity and genre. There are some more advanced options such as restricting the size to narrow results, using the Zip Manager to collect many files together into 1 download (Good for downloads with many parts).
Keyboard input is manual (as in when you click a text editable field, the keyboard doesn’t automaticcaly pop up) which is a good thing considering the small screen.
Digg would really need to come up with something special to fend off this fight, as their concept is pretty simple at its heart. So long as they contiune to deliver strong products, comparable to any compitition they’re always going to win.
This will take about 10 minutes during which time your iPhone screen will flash bright white, and display the jailbreak logos.

For those that don’t know Stephanie Rice is an Australian swimmer who just won 3 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. We are massive fans of the TV show, I think we watched the entire first 2 seasons in about a week.. FF is catching groud fast on IE in terms of market share which is a pretty mean feat considering IE ships with Windows and most people are lazy! You never will.By the way, why do you always talk about a specific kind of "ratchet" girls and then post regular models?because models that look like her = the closest comparison I can find to the ghetto Asian girls I dream of being with! Which are horrible they're either coked up and ruined, or have an overly high opinion of themselves. I'll be gone from CE for good the minute I am dating the ghetto Asian girl that i've always dreamed of being with.The problem with that obviously being that it'll never happen.Only reason it ain't happening is because I ain't getting no helpDo you expect Lebron James to win the NBA championship without any help from his teammates?How is my situation any different? You can create and share playlists, view lyrics and pictures of the artist and it has tight integration with email and twitter. Sounds boring right, well check out the video below and you’ll get an idea of how addictive this can actually be. Your standards are way too high.The "average guy" doesn't get a girl like that because the average guy doesn't have the ambition to make it this far with the ladies like I do. Unless you end up with one of the model chicks there, a majority of them really aren't that attractive. A founder’s comment on Digg suggested they were seeking partnership with YouTube to stop the otherwise inevitable plug pulling and I wish them the best of luck.
Boring.Oh okay because when people say generic, I think of a girl that looks plain and mediocre lookswise.

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