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You just walked out from a dark shady tattoo studio in New York and you feel something is different about yourself – you feel sharp tonight. A studio owner may have suggested this man to ink a tattoo of his little boy’s face onto his upper back and this man seemed to have quickly agreed with the tattoo idea. This man having noticed that her girlfriend is a die-hard fans of Hello Kitty, might have done whatever he could to please her, including bringing her to Hello Kitty Land, buying her a Hello Kitty stuffed toy and even turning himself into a Hello Kitty Mascot. This young lady may have wanted a tattoo with Chinese sayings that represent her character on her arm but if you happen to know how to read Chinese, then it may ponder you to think… what exactly does she want to convey with those 2 Chinese characters that do not form a meaning together. This man may be a loyal fan of Microsoft, or happens to be a very loyal employee of that company. This young man came up with this amazingly interesting idea of matching this tattoo design with his body hair as a piece of tattoo artwork. At Kaleidoscot HQ we congregated in the editor’s office and we got on the topic of top Scottish Hotties, from the Acting arena. The usual suspects came up Alan Cumming, an amazing comedy and character actor who’s currently treading the boards as the MC in Cabaret on Broadway, and a support of the Yes campaign.
All of the above are good at what they do, and would have made the list in their younger days,  but I doubt you’d want to see any of them jiggling their junk around in tight speedos. We’ve started to compound a list of emerging Scottish Hotties, in no particular order. Our Third Scottish Hottie, Samuel Robertson, started his career in Coronation Street as the son of Ken Barlow!
Jonathan Welford is an honorary Scot after being wooed by the charms of his tartan wearing husband.
01: The Bathroom After stumbling around the house's front hallway a few times, players realize that their suddenly trapped when the exit door slams shut just as they start to move through it, only to be put off even more when the door creaks open behind them.
Between spontaneously getting murdered by Lisa, her frequent appearances at various locations throughout the halls or simply the infuriatingly randomized success rate that players have had completing the final puzzle, the last spot on our list goes to the final segment of the demo. At this time of sorrow and burden, he would have you remember the passages from Joshua and Isaiah he had used in accepting the presidential nomination; “Be strong and of good courage.
And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own. Perhaps as he was running out of ideas, he came up with this innovative idea – inking a Hello Kitty Tattoo onto his forehead! There may be no doubt about his passion for Microsoft, but it intrigues me to think whether Microsoft would be appreciative of his tattooing efforts? Yes we can see that those two thighs match perfectly with his armpit hair… but once the freshness goes, tattoo regret usually follows. The tattoo picture says it all, with the behinds of a cat perfectly fitting with his navel or belly button.
He’s also well known for his Glasgow Kiss and being a supporter of the Better Together campaign. This is where you, our Kaleidoscot readers come in, who would you nominate for the top five Scottish actors, the rules are, they have to be current.  Answers by commenting below. It's not enough that roaches start crawling out from under it and a baby can be heard crying inside, oh no, but when someone does try and open the door it's immediately closed from inside by this: We can safely say that we'll never look through a crack in a door again. Whether the solution is part of a devious master plan from Kojima and del Toro or simply a randomized algorithm (as some people seem to believe), the final hallways in the P.T. Kennedy, on November 25th, 1963, the official funeral service for the slain President was held at St. Hannan offered the eulogy and used that poignant moment to highlight the passages from scripture that were most moving to the president.
At the last dinner of his life in Houston, Texas, last Thursday night, he applied to a friend, as it should be applied to him, this combination of passages from the Proverbs and the prophecy of Joel: “Your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. You are anxiously walking out on the main street, waiting for the chance to impress your friends as soon as possible, until you are drawn by the weird attention and occasional laughterA from almost every single stranger you happened to pass by.
Even though he believed it was an expression of his loyalty to the company, it comes to our minds that inking this company logo tattoo onto him would probably cause him serious problems — that is if he works at another company other than Microsoft. This may seem to be quite interesting at the start, but as you move on with your life and one day have your family and kids, this is definitely something you would not want them to know about. His wishes could well come true, if you’ve got a spare mansion it could be time to launch it on the market.

Frankly speaking, this tattoo has done a poor job on drawing this little boy and it does not in any way resemble the looks of a cute baby. When it comes to a face tattoo, it is of utmost importance to consider if the tattoo design matches with your own style. If you want a job besides Microsoft, then this is definitely a bad tattoo idea you want to remove.
A laser tattoo removal suddenly sounds like a good idea to get this bad tattoo off his body! He recently said he he backs the Yes campaign.  Heughan has that boy next door whole evolve into a complete heart throb, both boys and girls will be positively salivating over this marvellous specimen. If any of you aren't able to hop on a PS4, or are too scared to give it a try ( it's okay, most of us here at IGN are, too ), here are seven terrifying moments in the playable teaser for Silent HIlls.
Chances are you have inked yourself a bad tattoo that even you would come to realize how silly it was in the next few days. As portrait tattoos require extremely high level of artistic skills, portrait tattoos that have been inked poorly would definitely be ranked at the top of the types of bad tattoosA you may want to remove. As for a face tattoo for a man, this is considered to be a bad tattoo that is best to be removed! It is no doubt that you have come to the right place because in this post we are going to talk about the 6 Bad Tattoos You May Want Removed. Unfortunately for them, the door also locks behind them and the next thing they see is this monstrosity wailing in the sink: Is it human? We may never know, but it's definitely gross enough to churn the stomach of anyone who looks at it for too long. It's a deliciously unexpected surprise, one that will probably haunt our dreams for at least the next three months.

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