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About Author   Rajkumar is an Electronic Geek, Partime Blogger & Founder of Techraju from India. This will be the name of your blog that appears in your blog header like 'Spice Up Your Blog' appears at the top of this page.You can change the name of your blog at any time so don't worry about getting it right first time.
Two It Yourself has gone through a series of blog headers, but in recent months we've finally found one that works, for us, for several reasons. 2) The header takes up the full width of the screen without forcing a scroll bar along the bottom.
Learn how you can make your own free blogger based blog or website for free with SEO optimization!Hey guys welcome back to another amazing tutorial and this time I’ll teach you how you can make your own free website or blog using Google Blogger with basic SEO optimization. There are a lot of ways you can make a free website but I found Google very easy and very user friendly. You just made your free website using Blogger and that’s how your blogger should look like. Play with the settings and then navigate to Search preferences and Enable the Meta Description. Other option in the settings can be used to take and upload backups of blogger account, you can even delete your blogger account from there and few more things are there, you should check.

To add your sitemap, just simply add this codeZaid SparrowHey, my name is Zaid Sparrow from Karachi, Pakistan.
Learn how you can easily show Related post in WordPress and decrease Bounce rates and increase traffic!
For all I know my blog header could make blog and graphics designers cringe, shriek, and go blind all at the same time. I have found that ad space is the most lucrative and has been even more so since I reduce the height of my blog header to ensure the ad was seen immediately.
By enabling it, you can enter separate meta descriptions for your post and it’s good for SEO. To do this just simply follow the instructions.Submit Sitemaps to Google Webmastersto submit sitemaps to Google Webmasters first of all you have to signup for Google Webmasters by navigating to the link given below.
Welcome back to another amazing WordPress tutorial and now I’ll teach you how you can easily manage and setup two different and separate themes for mobile users and desktop users. But, Blogger is amazing!What Is Blogger?Blogger is a free blog publishing service developed by Pyra Labs and later bought by Google in 2003.
If you want to rank your website in search engines and want to see your blog or website in search results then you should start learning about SEO.Basic SEO for BloggerWhat is Meta Description?Meta descriptions are used to describe blogs in maximum 150 words.

But don’t get stick with it, only choose few and learn about meta keywords and keyword stuffing and spamming.
3 as Telenor is no more giving it for free so simply subscribe to this package or simply subscribe to Weekly SMS bundle and you will get WhatsApp for free!
From here, you can make some basic changes like blogger title, Description and Privacy etc. You don’t have to worry about doing anything, as it will be installed in minutes, easily. The address will not be Changeable in the future, so be careful give a address what you want ( address is related to the blog content is valuable ).
To setup blogger, first you have to signup for blogger via Google or you can also login via your Google Account.

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