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SharePoint Governance has definitely become a big buzz world whenever talking about SharePoint migration.
The way I see it, a Governance plan is a set of rules that help facilitate the use, maintenance and operations of your SharePoint.
If you have SharePoint, a fun way to start the governance is through the enterprise Wiki as you can easily link your pages.
There are certain things that absolutely need to be defined in a Governance, but remember that it is not a documentation of your environment!
The governance should state what SharePoint environments we will be using with a short description as to what goes in it or what it is used for. Whenever they get a new Site or Site Collection, Site Owners must agree to access the site. Constant communication with the End Users needs to be there to ensure the success of the project. Instead of getting into super complicated definitions of what the support model should be in your organization, use something like PowerPoint. One effective way to do this is to add an option to contact support through the Site Actions menu.
Think of it this way, if you give a document that is so clear that the developer, or whoever is building SharePoint at work, is able to take it and create the SharePoint sites exactly how you needed it; then you have an Information Architecture. Using a combination of Excel and Word I am able to list everything I need to the default value of a column in a Content Type.
Those are the usual tools I have used to kick start my SharePoint Information Architecture.
A good trick if you are just starting with Information Architecture, try to see what information you would need on documents to archive them.
In time, you will want to use tools like XMind or Mind Manager to organize this structure quickly.
You got into this to do some SharePoint and now you find yourself having to write this Information Architecture. Don’t jump right into a 100 pages Word document, open XMind start organizing some thoughts around it. It can be fun; Information Architecture touches many thing, including functionality design.

Although this can apply at any moment throughout your SharePoint project timeline, Governance and Information Architecture are crucial in anticipation for a SharePoint migration. What you need to remember before you start looking at migration tools is that a solid Governance framework and an Information Architecture need to exist. Start the Governance in pieces, don’t try to attack the whole thing at once and forget about the complicated 200 document version.
The Information Architecture helps you identify what can be grouped together and how it will need to exist in SharePoint.
Sharegate gives you immediate control over your SharePoint & Office 365 environments: Migration, Security & Reporting.
Well known as the SharePoint Geek, Benjamin has been helping people all around the globe reach their goals by simplifying SharePoint solutions. With this web part, you can enlarge or decrease font size very easily, to improve SharePoint content accessibility. You keep reading everywhere that it is important to do a governance plan for your SharePoint but no one explains how you can get started and what tools you can use.
The Governance plan helps set expectations and guidance for your team as well as the end users.
Every topic I mentioned above should stay very high level to help the business know what to do by referring to this document. Don’t forget, if you chose to use a Wiki for your SharePoint Governance plan, it will be easily accessible from the actual Team Sites. Whenever I create an Information Architecture I want to make sure that everything is covered. Then you will notice, thanks to the easy interface, that many documents are similar in terms of properties or metadata if you want. We’ve all been through it, and at first I was feeling the same way you are now probably.
Go meet the teams and explain what you are doing and why, they won’t want to really help unless you can show them how this will be helpful. Believe me; otherwise, you will be going back and forth into this Word document making adjustments.
Navigation of the sites or site collections needs to be mapped and for that, Balsamiq does the trick.

Migration time is the perfect time to take advantage of restructuring your Information Architecture. However, it can be a lot simpler than you think, and the best person to do so is the one that has a good global knowledge of SharePoint. If there is a requirement to make a Events Calendar, someone will have to sit down and use Balsamiq to identify what it will look like. What’s important is not to get caught up in the little details and really focus on providing a set of rules to help standardize the use, maintenance and customizations of your SharePoint.
In this article, I will try to give you some of the tools and examples I have been using throughout my past SharePoint projects. Many of us have learned over time what to do and what not to do, there is a good chance that you want organize your Content Types the same way in SharePoint 2013 for example.
Once you will be done, you will then be ready to create a formal SharePoint Information Architecture. But most importantly, what information will be presented and where is that information pulled from. This customizable web part contains three different zoom options displayed as a set of buttons, allowing for quick text size increases and decreases, as well as a revert option to restore the text to its original font size. I think the information Microsoft provided is amazing, however it has way too much content which leads the person in charge of Governance to overdo it. With Governance that are 100 pages long, it simply does not drive anyone to read or refer to it. But, with boostsolutions's Text Size Zoom web part, reading large quantities of text is more manageable.
It provides a user-friendly way to make SharePoint sites more accessible, which especially useful if people with different reading habits are accessing your page.

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