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Actually i was getting it about 3 times a day for 2 - 3 years after I stuffed a ring on her finger.
One minute, he's describing the wood he's looking for, and all of a sudden he comes back to a completed platform. I completely approve of Ruth England and would be willing to be stranded with her on a desert island.
Muslims use Twitter to express frustration over their scapegoat status for the world's problems thanks to extremist groups.
On top of her being a photo forger and a total space case, Svitlana may also be a scam artist. Brandon was kicked out of the Tiger Cubs for failing to get his good deed badge, believing it didn't count if he was only doing it to get the badge.

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That’s right — no zoo, no chimp pals, nothing but smoking cigarettes and roller skating for these guys.
I’m amazed that all the human skills they learned -- like how to tie shoes or wear a diaper or crack open a beer -- don’t translate well into the wild where there are no shoes, no diapers, no beers and not even a DVR. They just weren’t good at maintaining these social bonds, and that was expressed by these lower rates of grooming.”As you probably know, grooming each other is not the glue that holds human society together. So why are we trying to keep these animals as pets when they clearly are meant to live in the wild?For one thing, it’s in our nature.
Throughout history we have found ways to make animals work for us and help improve our lives. We domesticated horses about 5,000 years ago, and in doing so made it much easier to travel from place to place.
I’m off the catnip, I swear.”Those are just a few of the most common of the animals we’ve domesticated.

But the only reason to domesticate a chimp is because you want to dress it up like a person and teach it how to smoke. It’s not like we’re going to put them to work for us — they can only type, like, 10 words per minute so forget about them cranking out Shakespeare anytime soon.We see something cute, we want to take it home. Same with most dogs, and in any event, dogs know their place and don’t try to do human things. In the melee, one of the chimps dug in his claws and ripped the skin off the right side of St. James tried to put one of his hands down the animal's throat, but the chimp just kept chewing on it and chewing on it, and he couldn't get it out .

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