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Fin Fang FoomThe giant powerful dragon Fin Fang Foom, Not once he was a big trouble for Iron Man and the Avengers. Every order is printed just for you here in the USA using eco-friendly inks on the highest quality garments such as American Apparel, District Clothing, and Alternative Apparel.
With a giant body, wings and the powers to spit fire, Fin Fang Foom destroy everithg that in his pass. He will be a great villian in Iron Man movie, he even had an easter egg in the first Iron Man movie. He got controlled by the Mandarin several times in the comics and it will be amazing if the do a movie about that.6. Annihilus AnnihilusThe lord of the Negetive Zone, one of the powerful beings in Marvel Universe, Annihilus - One of the biggest villians of the Fantastic Four and the other teams, not once he tried to destroy Earth and the heroes.

Taskmaster TaskmasterA former agent of sheild, with the ability to mimic the movements of others and use their fight skills against them joins to the evil side. The Mandarin (the real one)The Mandarin (the real one)The Mandarin, the archenemy of Iron Man, with the power of the 10 Rings he can fly, shoot lasers, even control the mind of Fing Fang Foom and more!
To see him as a main or side villian in a Spiderman or Black Panter movie will be awesome!5.
In "Iron Man 3" there was a villian called the Mandarin, but it turned out it was an actor. Super SkrullSuper SkrullOne of the leaders of the shape shifting aliens called Skrulls, with all the Fantastic Four's powers and the shape shifting power he is one of the dangerous alien-villians of the Marvel Universe. He can be invinsible, shoot fire, turn his hands into stong rocks, super elasticity and turn to every creature he want (without getting the powers of the creature).

It will be amazing to see the Skrulls and the Super Skrull in "Guardians of the galaxy 2" after we saw the Kree in the first movie. He tried to take over our world many times, but Doctor Strange (with the help of other heroes sometimes) succeed to stop Dormammu. We still don't know who will be the main villian in "Doctor Strange" movie in 2016, but many fans are hopping that Dormammu will be the main villian, and I'm sure that if you are a Marvel or at least Doctor Strange fan, you will want to see Dormammu.

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