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We are so excited to be partnering with Bonnie Coberly and her organic meal delivery business, Healthy Bites, to bring you fresh, delicious food and access to a Certified Health Coach and entrepreneur all at once!
Simone has been a longtime customer of Bonnie’s and both of us are fanatical about her food. Bonnie Coberly is a Certified Health Counselor that received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University.  As a holistic health counselor she has studied all the major dietary theories, such as macrobiotics, Ayurveda, low carbohydrate, low glycemic, raw foods and blood type diets. In 2008, she founded Conscious Routes Wellness, a company that provides a range of wellness services to individuals and corporations.  Through her individual and corporate health coaching programs, Bonnie educates and inspires clients to choose whole and healthy foods that energize and support the body while helping them reach their health and wellness goals. After starting her health coaching practice, Bonnie began to see that some of her clients were struggling to implement her recommendations because they simply did not have time to prepare a healthy meal at home. Bonnie has worked in multiple areas of healthcare and wellness as a consultant for nonprofit organizations, schools, healthcare facilities, fitness centers and corporations. Bootcamp created a really supportive network for me to be open, honest, and vulnerable about where I’m at professionally and personally, and it offered tools, stories, and ongoing support for how to step into my best self. Bossed Up is a group of amazing women who are going to provide you the time and the space to get real on your dreams. Students whose first, or home, language is anything but English need not be discouraged in English class, says Bonnie J.

Williams, who joined Cal State Fullertona€™s faculty in the fall, argues that students who speak other languages or social dialects such as a€?Spanglish,a€? a combination of Spanish and English, or a€?ebonics,a€? can learn standard English without having to completely disregard their home language. In other words, she said, students have the right to maintain their home language practices. As part of the course, Williams assigns a final project in which the students form groups and produce innovative curriculum ideas. As a result, she and a few of her students, now are working on a proposal to present the final projects at a national conference next year. It’s an investment in a network of women you can call on when you need help and support.
Just seeing that others are hungry for more and being a part of workshops like negotiating have made HUGE differences in my life. I was reminded that although each of our journey’s are different, we are all navigating opportunities and challenges and can learn from each others experiences. I LIVE by these philosophies and I wouldn’t be as motivated and empowered as I am now without being a part of Bossed Up!
Having a few days completely devoted to your personal and professional development and your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing is so uplifting and motivating.

In her a€?English Language in Americaa€? course, she teaches her students how to create curriculum that takes into account myriad social and regional dialects.
One group presented a board game for a hypothetical high school English class in which students would roll a die and land on different regions of the country. She currently is a member of the piano quartet Quercus and frequently plays with the Mallarme Chamber Players. I know I can go to the women that I met and they’ll help me tackle my biggest decisions. She earned a doctorate in rhetoric and writing from Michigan State University, a mastera€™s degree in African and African American studies from Ohio State University, and a bachelora€™s degree in journalism and African American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Thron has performed concertos with the North Carolina Symphony, the Orpheus Chamber Ensemble, the Juilliard Orchestra, the Panama National Orchestra, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, and various other orchestras in North Carolina and her original home state of New Hampshire. Thron and her husband, clarinetist Fred Jacobowitz, have a teenage son – Pianist, clarinetist and computer whiz Louis.

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