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For a rare dissenting (or at least refreshingly critical) view of the film, be sure to check out DVD Savant’s review. It’s a film held in overwhelmingly high regard by audiences, many critics and many inside in the film industry. Naturally I understand it’s a nostalgic mood piece that sings the praises of the old-fashioned, close-knit family.

Louis is similarly vignette-driven, divided into four seasons (introduced by old-fashioned title cards), and primarily concerned with showing a nostalgia-riddled vision of a bygone era (which, one should recall, was just 40 years earlier at the time the film was released). The colors, the detail, how everything perfectly complements everything, seemingly with nothing out-of-its-place…I feel somewhat as though Martha Stewart were putting a pillow over my face.
But, for some reason, everything here feels oppressive to me and, as a viewer, I don’t feel welcome in the home.

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