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The British Museum contains all the spoils from the British Empire's occupation of territories beyond Britain. Some lively lovelies wear sporting attire with their heels -- a smart choice given the course's peculiar challenges. KEY WEST, Florida Keys — Drag racers don’t usually wear hot-pink feather boas, sparkling silver gowns or feather-trimmed boots — unless they’re contestants in Key West’s Great Conch Republic Drag Race set for Saturday, April 17.
That’s because the rowdy race isn’t designed for high-octane dragsters, but for high-heeled drag stars — female impersonators strutting their stuff complete with big hair, pancake makeup, false eyelashes and elaborate gowns or stylish sporting attire. Hosted by the island’s Bourbon Street Complex, the event benefits the nonprofit Helpline organization. Contestants in the offbeat challenge must race on foot down a portion of Duval Street, Key West’s aptly nicknamed “main drag.” Racing activities are to begin in the early afternoon when the “pits” in the 700 block of Duval open for public viewing.

Entrants are judged on their speed and handicapped based on the height of their heels above the regulation minimum three inches. The lively lovelies attempt to sprint down the course, but footwear malfunctions can slow their pace to a stagger. Past years’ “athletes” have included a goddess-sized diva in a purple grass skirt and an entrant fetchingly attired in a pink gown, wedding veil and full beard. The wacky drag challenge is part of Key West’s annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration that commemorates the Florida Keys’ 1982 secession from the United States — an action prompted by a U.S. The 2010 celebration is set for April 16-25, with a full schedule of events showcasing the Keys’ independent and eccentric spirit. For event lodging information in Key West, contact the Key West Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-LAST-KEY (800-527-8539) or explore this Web site.

Time trials are scheduled first, followed by the racing quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. It took an hour from the airport to arrive via subway and cost about ?5.70 for a one way ticket.
My Contiki roommate Stephanie had checked in 5 minutes before me so I met her immediately after arriving.
The bathroom is divided in this room with the toilet being separate and across the small hallway from the sink and tub.

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