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This highly illustrated timeline, with over 300 photographs, moves readers through the history of Hawaiian Islands, telling a story point by point until a fuller picture emerges. If you are looking for a story published within the last 7 days, please try our story search. Patricia Lei Murray will exhibit her "Monstera & Fern" handmade Hawaiian quilt and 29 of her other quilt creations at the La Conner Quilt Museum in Washington state next month. The patterns and fabrics of Murray's quilts are a mix of traditional and contemporary designs and techniques.
Murray's favorite is her Hawaiian flag quilt called "Ku'u Hae Aloha Mau," made in honor of Queen Lili'uokalani. Tears welled up in Patricia Lei Murray's eyes as she talked about a Hawaiian flag quilt she had made in honor of Queen Lili'uokalani, Hawai'i's last reigning monarch. The elegantly simple quilt tells a story about the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy and the enduring pride of the Hawaiian people, and Murray can't help but become emotional when she shares this piece of history of her people.

It's the first time that the museum — established in 1997 in the historic Gaches Mansion — will focus a Hawaiian quilt exhibit on a single Hawai'i artist. In Murray's 'Alewa Heights home, her quilts were stacked on a sofa in neat piles, ready to be packed and shipped to the museum. There was the placemat-sized "Sheyla's Garden,"a tribute to a floral painting made by Murray's 5-year-old granddaughter in Michigan fashioned out of hand-dyed fabrics, and the wall-sized "Monstera & Fern," with a free-form design made of silk fern leaves, tulle and holographic thread. Now that her children have grown up and moved away, Murray has found even more time to devote to quilting, a venue for self-expression she takes very seriously.
Following Hurricane Katrina last year, Murray felt compelled to send her "best wishes" to the families affected by the disaster. While Murray's collection will be the main display at "Hawaiian Quilt Inspirations" in La Conner, Murray has also invited other Honolulu artists to each display a quilt at the exhibit. Charlene Hughes of Nu'uanu will exhibit "Na Pua o Hawai'i," a 62-by-56-inch green and white quilt fashioned out of upholstery samples featuring orchids, gingers, plumerias and other local flowers, and embellished with insect buttons.

Other invited local artists include Gussie Bento, Margo Morgan, Lincoln Okita, Millie Hayden, Sharon Nakasone, Janet Yokoe and Mary Cesar, as well as former Hawai'i resident Sarah Kaufman, who will have two quilts on display. Back in her home, Murray continued to unfold her quilts, smiling like a mother adoring her children with each unveiling. They are a colorful mix of traditional and contemporary Hawaiian quilts in a variety of fabrics and sizes.
Murray spearheaded a drive that moved residents, schools and churches statewide to donate 750 quilts and bedding to the victims.

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